Apparently Konami makes desktop gaming PCs now?

Japanese company best known in the West for developing metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, And Castlevania The franchise has apparently gotten into the gaming PC business. Japanese outlet Watch pc Reports that the lineup of Aresier Gaming PCs are open for preorder now starting at 184,800 yen (about $ 1,760), and they are reportedly due to ship in September.

I cannot say that I am a fan of the design of these PCs. Their bulbous cases look like someone set a small bomb inside a Mac Pro, and they are powered by a 9th Gen Intel processor. Otherwise, their specs look decent enough for a range of pre-made machines.

The entry-level 184,800 yen (about $ 1,760) C300 gets you an Intel i5-9400F CPU, an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. Step up to the 316,800 yen (about $ 3,017) C700, and you’ll get a water-cooled Intel i7-9700 with Nvidia RTX 2070 Super and 16GB of RAM and an additional 1 TB of hard drive space. Finally, there is the 338,800 yen (about $ 3,227) C700 Plus, which has the same specs as the C700 but a transparent side panel and RGB light.

Stepping up to the C700 Plus gives you a transparent side-panel that shows the RGB lighting of the PC.
Picture: Konmi

It should come as no surprise that Konami is doing other things, in addition to developing huge new entries in its franchise franchise, given its recent history. Five years ago, the CEO of Konami Digital Entertainment stated that the company was diverting its attention from AAA console games in favor of mobile, and a year later, the company was criticized for selecting one of the best games ever made . Metal gear solid 3, Only to use them to promote the Pachinko machine. Yes, I am still bitter.

Since the company is committed to producing anything that is not new metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill Anything about making games, gaming PCs, makes sense – especially since, as PCGamer Reportedly, PC gaming has become increasingly popular in Japan in recent years.

There is no word on whether there are plans to bring their gaming PCs to markets outside of Japan.

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