‘Apex Legends’ Update 1.46 Fixes Shields, Reconnect and Wraith

Top legends Update 1.46 only went live on Xbox One, PS4 and PC with a patch that is a few megabytes in size. Thankfully, we already know exactly how a small game changes, thanks to an official tweet. Top legends Twitter account. For those who cannot see the embed, we have copied the patch notes below.

Top legends 1.46 update patch notes

  • To reconnect IImprovements
  • If some areas have space, then disappearing portals
  • Knockdown Shields are not blocking shots
  • Beacons are visible not in the minimal world but in the world
  • Better ring logic
  • Multiple game logic errors

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Obviously, with this small one update in size, tweaks are not important at all. Given the substandard nature of the server during the coronovirus epidemic, improvements to reconnect would certainly be appreciated, and would be happy to see their portals working correctly at all times.

However, apart from those minor improvements, there is not much left to discuss in this regard. Top Update 1.46. The improvement in ring logic certainly sounds interesting, but unfortunately Respawn is not going to go into too much detail on that topic, so as to preserve the competitive integrity of the game.

‘Apex Legends’ update 1.46 is live for a few iterations, Writh and more. Read the full patch notes below. Available Apex Legends’ is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Response Entertainment / EA

This bite-size update has been removed from an interstitial patch a week ago in which Response partially reversed its Season 6 armor overhaul and removed a controversial caustic voice line. Today’s update is even smaller, and it addresses issues that are not widespread among the community. That being said, this is a nice change of pace TopNevertheless the developers to reveal details about the download.

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In most cases where the fix is ​​minor, the response will usually stop the patch note process altogether. With such a highly competitive and popular sport, it helps to know every single change that happens. Top legends Update 1.46 will not revolutionize the Battle Royale experience as you know, but it does have some quality life adjustments that are sure to come through the right moments. While large patches are likely to be released in the next few weeks, their content is not yet known. Although with some drawbacks, Top legends Season 6 has enjoyed a very stable launch so far.

Top legends Now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What do you understand by the changes in it? Top legends Update 1.46? Were you expecting more from this little hotfix? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!