Apex Legends Dev removing a single tree because everyone hates it

Response developers have confirmed that they are removing a single tree from King’s Canyon in-game, as many players from Apex Legends have since been released.

The first map was available for Kings Canyon Apex Legends players to try out, but as the season unfolded, the OG map has seen some major changes, such as the removal of Skaltown and the addition of various vaults.

However, one bizarre change that Apex players are calling for Respina to make on the classic map is the removal of a single tree, which has indirectly caused a lot of deaths due to its awkward position.

Response Entertainment

Apex fans are calling for the removal of a tree near the new Salvage POI.

The tree, which is near the new “salvage” point-of-interest in the southwest corner of the map, has been in disrepair for quite some time, and Respawn has now revealed that they will get rid of it in future updates. .

Response’s decision to remove the disheveled tree was shared after being exposed by Apex player Yu / Kolkin on how devastating it could be in the game, before the hilarious fight between the tree and the wall. Running away from

“Respina devas please remove this tree,” Cloin pleads, claiming Apex fans have been greatly affected since it was added, “This tree has caused so many tragedies because it’s not even strange is.”

Apex Legends Dev Absurdist reacted to the post by saying “it will be done,” although it may take a while before it can be removed from the game.

“Before it might be a bit much to live with,” he explained, thanking the player for pointing such “pain points” on the map and saying that it could help direct their future map changes is.

Reddit Sketch of Apex Legends Developer

Response of Response Dev Absurdist.

Apex producer Josh Medina also commented on the removal of the tree, suggesting that a ‘fix’ for it has been prepared before the next update.

While it is still unclear when the tree will be removed from the live version of the game, Apex players can rest assured that it won’t be too long until the map is cleared of this threat.