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Apex Legends datamine refers to possible future content: weapons, accessories and more

The leaks of Apex Legends have been arriving, and although nothing is confirmed yet, there are several interesting ones, if they turn out to be true, of course.

Obtaining leaks from Reddit is always a risky business, since there is a real way to verify if they are real, since anyone can post a thread and claim that it is a leak.

That said, many leaks have been published in the past that turned out to be true, so you should not discredit everything, just be sure to take them with a grain of salt.

Respawn Entertainment

Wattson says be careful with the leaks.

the Reddit user thread Kyr4l He claims to have extracted the files from the Apex Legends game and found a huge cache of voice lines.

There is a lot to unpack here, so let's list everything that is discovered below. Just remember, these are not confirmed in any way, and are only the claims of a reddit user.


It is also rumored that a new legend will be made later in season 2.

The user threw a lot of descriptions in a thread, but without sound files to back them up, it's a bit difficult to verify them.

Here is a look at everything that was discovered with the user's information.

  1. extended shot magazine
  2. Experimental weapons / weapons (ping to order experimental weapons too)
  3. bandolier (maybe the fifth slot)
  4. ping the leviathans (you can ping the leviathans)
  5. voice lines of moving leviathans (maybe they move)
  6. interceptor pings
  7. Smokers and friendly traps (there are lines of voice from Gibraltar, it says "smoke" and "friendly trap deployed", so maybe new grenades and mines)
  8. voltio (an SMG of titanfall 2 that uses ammunition of energy, perhaps a new weapon)
  9. softball (a titanfall 2 grenadier weapon that uses sticky branches, perhaps a new legendary weapon)
  10. rocket launcher / racket (there is a file in the game files, a rocket launcher of titanfall 1 and 2)
  11. portable respawn beacon
  12. detailed voice lines on optics (legends tell what kind of optics they find, such as variable optics)
  13. flash hiders
  14. EPG (titanium drop grenadier weapon 2)
  15. Defender / Charge Rifle (titanium anti-titanium weapon drop 2)
  16. Cold War (titanfall grenadier weapon 2)
  17. SMG CAR (SMG of very low recoil due to falling titanium 2)

Respawn Entertainment

New items may be falling in Apex Legends as season 2 progresses.

One thing to note that stands out from the list is the Portable respawn beacon that was leaked on July 12.

This element has a sound file so we can list it, so it could give a little more credit to this list of filtered sound files, since there are now two people who have discovered it.

Until we get official information from a Respawn developer, there is nothing in stone: Apex does not receive the level of updates as a game like Fortnite does, so these changes are coming, we hope they arrive in a major update.

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