Apex Legends Cross-Play Beta Coming on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Top legends Cross-platform play will soon be found on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, developer Response Entertainment confirmed on Thursday. Thet-Request feature will later go into beta testing on those platforms including Originals on PC, Original for PC, with cross-play support for the upcoming Steam version.

Cross-platform play will be enabled by default, Respawn said, but players can opt out of the facility. The studio warned that players disabling cross-play will only be matched against each other, which runs the risk of “running your queue too long”.

Response did not mention the Nintendo Switch version Top legends, Which was announced in June and confirmed in Thursday’s announcement to be part of the developer’s cross-platform plans.

Cross-progress – gameplay progress to be carried on all platforms for the free-to-play Battle Royal game – will not be available. “While we believe it is a valuable feature, it is unfortunately not available for Top legends Right now, ”Respawn said in a blog post. “However, we will discuss more about this at the time of our Steam launch.”

Implementation of cross-play response to Top legends Console players will play with PC players with console players and PC players. However, Respawn said that if an “Xbox One or Playstation 4 player and PC player tie the party together, they will be put into PC matches.” This ensures that console games do not have PC players, but still allows console players to play with their PC friend if they opt-in. “

Respawn is also launching a two-week collection event called Aftermarket after 6 October. Top legends New event-themed cosmetics and a new mode will be found called Flashpoint, which will spread bubbles on maps (flashpoints) that regenerate players’ health and shield. Players will collide with – and against – each other at those flashpoints as the circle closes on them.

More information about the Flashpoint and Aftermarket Collection events, as well as details on cross-play matchmaking, are available on EA Top legends Website.

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