Apex Legends Characters Who Need the Biggest Perks in Season 9

Apex Legends Season 9 is just around the corner, and while the talk will be about the new Legend, there are some existing characters that need some attention. Here are four Legends that really need some big improvements in the new season.

Outside of Horizon, which is arguably the best legend in the game at the moment, many of the new post-launch Legends have generally underperformed early on, before some perks were added to improve them.

Despite this, there are a number of new Legends that are not yet competitive enough, and if they are not given some significant benefits, they will be left even further behind as new characters arrive.

Our four picks for those in greatest need are Post-Launch Legends, starting with the perpetually understaffed Rampart from season 6.


Respawn / EA

Rampart definitely still needs some improvements.

It will come as no surprise to see Rampart as the first name on this list, and we are sure that she is also the first name on Respawn’s list.

The latest data that Respawn has shared indicates that Rampart has the worst win rate overall. And it’s not just the data, gamers just know that Rampart isn’t versatile enough in the game.

It’s not that Rampart is useless, it’s that she is useless in many situations. If you can get into a strong position and get Shiela and Amped Cover up, that’s a powerful combination.

But with these rare situations, Rampart needs help to make it more viable, more often.


Crypto drone
Respawn Entertainment

Crypto is vulnerable while using its drone sight, and it could use a few extras in its kit.

Crypto fans will say that he is one of the best Legends, once you “get nice” with him. While this may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that players simply won’t pick a Legend that doesn’t have that instant satisfaction.

It’s true that if you can work as a team and carefully consider when to use Crypto’s abilities, it’s possible to gain a huge advantage over enemy squads. Additional information about the enemy’s whereabouts is always positive.

But, the advantages really end there, so a little more functionality for the drone would be the perfect solution. One fan-made idea was to allow Crypto to see how many squads were in the area by checking the signs around the arena, another good option.

Respawn has said that they want to do something with Crypto in the future, but are not sure what it will be yet.


fuse apex legends season 8
Respawn Entertainment

Fuse could definitely run on some extra power.

Released in season 8, there was high hope for the Fuse kit after seeing all the trailers. On paper, a large firebomb, constant grenades, and a super-accurate arm launcher sounded like a deadly new character.

Unfortunately, Fuse has slipped into Rampart territory. With the second worst win rate overall, Fuse clearly falls short of expectations.

It’s hard to pin down exactly why this is happening as they are still in the early stages, but we do know that Situational Legends with a lack of mobility (much like Rampart) always struggle in the meta.

Fuse will definitely require some perks, and Respawn has confirmed that it will get a boost, but we don’t know what it is yet.


apex legends loba bracelet
Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s tactic is buggy, so the biggest improvement is simply fixing this.

Finally, we have to mention Loba. The problem with Loba isn’t actually that her abilities aren’t strong, it’s that they don’t work. Specifically, Loba’s Tactical, the thief’s best friend, has too many bugs to be trusted.

So really, all Loba needs is her tactic to work as intended, and she’ll instantly be a much more popular pick. His latest, Black Market Boutique, is already very powerful, and the advantage of looting infinite ammo is perfect.

If the developers really want to make Loba even stronger, they could also reduce the animation time after using teleportation, allowing players to shoot faster.

The good news is that the developers have confirmed that their current solutions for Loba are a difference day and night.

Those are the four legends we’d love to see drastically improved in Season 9, but they all have their own favorite character that they’d love to see improved. Respawn will be working hard trying to perfect the balance for future seasons, so the Season 9 patch notes will make for very interesting read.

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