AP FACT CHECK: Trump creates electoral corruption

WASHINGTON (AP) – Citing “horror stories”, President Donald Trump on Thursday pulled out a raft of fabricated allegations in an audacious effort to undermine the legitimacy of the US election.

Standing behind the presidential seal, Trump used the establishment of a White House, a symbol of the power of his office, so that it was rife with fraud and corruption. There was virtually no basis for the accusations, such as his allegation that election officials in Pennsylvania and Detroit tried to ban election observers from polling stations.

A look at his comments, coming as Democrat Joe Biden progressed toward the electoral votes needed to claim the presidency.

TRUMP: “We are hearing stories that are horror stories. … We think a lot of prosecutions are going on because we have a lot of evidence and a lot of evidence. ”

Facts: Trump has provided no evidence of systemic problems in voting or counting. In fact, the ballot-counting process has been going on for the longest time in the country, even with the US in the throes of the coronovirus epidemic.

One of his main complaints, which counted on the last election day, is meritless. No presidential vote has counted all votes on a single day, and there is no law or expectation that this should happen. The increase in mailed ballots and higher turnout has slowed down the process from normal in some, but not all, cases.



TRUMP: “Partisan Democrats in Pennsylvania have been allowed to get a ballot in the state three days after the election and we think much more than that and they are counting those without any office mark or any identification.”

Facts: “Partisan Democrats” did not hold it. It was the state’s highest court, which sent ballots sent by post three days before the end of Election Day could still be received and still counted. The US Supreme Court investigated the case and did not stand in the way of the three-day deadline. It may later review the case again.

Several other states have also made room for the crush of postal ballots.


TRUMP: “Pennsylvania Democrats have gone to the state Supreme Court to ban and ban our election observers. … they don’t want anyone there. They do not want anyone to see them while counting ballots. “

Facts: This is incorrect. He is denying a court case in the state as completely wrong. No one tried to ban poll watchers representing each party in the election. Democrats did not try to prevent Republican representatives from being able to follow the process.

The main issue in the case was how close observers representing the parties could be found to election workers who are processing mail-in ballots in Philadelphia. The Trump campaign sued to allow observers to get closer than the guidelines that allowed it. A court ruled in favor of that request.



Trump: “Our campaign has been denied access to any count in Detroit.”

Facts: This is incorrect.

Absentee ballots were counted at a convention center in the city, where 134 counting boards were placed. City Clerk Janice Winfrey said each party was allowed to monitor one poll per board.

He said he did not know of any Republican poll watchers, but some said they were “very aggressive, trying to intimidate poll activists and processors.”

Former Michigan Democratic Party president Mark Breyer said he was inside the convention center and some people on both sides were cut off due to capacity restrictions related to the epidemic.



Trump: “The Election Mechanism in Georgia is run by Democrats.”

Facts: No, state Republican Brad Raffenspar oversees a Republican in state elections.


TRUMP: “The 11th Circuit decided that Georgia should have a vote on Election Day to reach Election Day. And they were not. Votes are coming after Election Day. ”

Facts: This is not an accurate description of the ruling in question or what happened in the election in Georgia.

Although the court ruled that election day must be held by 7 pm to count the votes, an exception was made to the ballot from members of the US Army serving overseas. Those that can be received by 5 pm on Friday evening can still be calculated. Election officials in Georgia are still counting votes, but those are votes that have been legally obtained.


‘ILLEGAL’ vote

Trump: “If you count the legal votes, I win easily. If you count illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. “

Facts: This is unfounded.

Neither Trump’s campaign aides nor election officials have identified a substantial number of “illegal” votes, the vast number carried by Trump to ruin an easy victory would be small. He often speaks as if the mail-in voting itself is illegitimate. But it surfaced according to the state’s voting rules, in some cases adapted by the authorities to help voters get through the epidemic safely.


TRUMP, complaining that undergarment activity snatched its lead in the crucial race: “We were actually winning all the major spots.”

Facts: The change in fortunes he explains is explained by the nature of counting of votes in the states, not due to any malfunctions that others have not noticed.

Often, big cities are slow to report their numbers, and those votes are skewed Democratic. Similarly, many states count mail-in ballots at the end of the process. That portion of the vote went in Biden’s favor, particularly because Trump urged his supporters to avoid advance mail-in voting and to vote in the election or in person on election day.

Trump finished in the most states in election night games with leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, then began to see his advantage Wednesday and the previous days. Biden won Wisconsin and Michigan; Georgia and Pennsylvania are yet to be called.


Dale from Philadelphia reported. Associated Press writer Amanda Seitz in Chicago, Christina A. in Atlanta. Cassidy and Coleen Long and Brian Slodisko in Washington contributed to this report.


EDITOR’S NOTE – A look at the veracity of claims by political figures.


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