AOC tweeted ‘OC Abolished ICE’ after agency celebrates MLK Day

Rape Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DNY, appeared dissatisfied with a tweet from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Monday, which showed Drs. Awarded to Martin Luther King Jr.

To show his appreciation for the symbol of civil rights on the federal holiday, the ICE tweeted a picture of a king’s statue, which wrote: “Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of hope, justice and equality We do.”

Without directly addressing the king, Ocasio-Cortez revisited the text and called for the agency to end.

Ocasio-Cortez called for years to abolish the agency, even at moments when his Democratic colleagues appeared far from the idea.

Demos for Demos, SLAM for Media, Martin Martin Marauder King, JR.

Although on Monday Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter feed was filled with references to King and his legacy, King’s niece, Alveda King, told Fox News that congressmen should “remove a page from Martin Luther King Jr.’s book.”

The suggestion came in response to Ocasio-Cortez’s comments during a virtual town hall last week in which he referred to President Donald Trump as “the poison of white supremacy”.

“I believe the AOC should actually extract a page from Martin Luther King Jr.’s book.” King told Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

Alveda told Faulkner that while his uncle praised the law for keeping bad actors in line, “he also said that the law cannot change the human heart.”

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“Now there are laws on the books that will punish white supremacists severely, and that’s how it should be,” she explained. “We know that white supremacy is wrong, it should be punished, but every crime against humanity is evil and therefore we have to protect human dignity, but not only with the law. We have to change these hearts.”

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