AOC trolls Amazon with its own email scolding drivers for pooping in bags

After Amazon discussed with a US congressman on Twitter about his labor policies, the Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighted with some of the company’s own graphic words.

“GIVES [driver associates] you cannot, you MUST NOT, return the bags to the station with poop in it, ”an Amazon manager scolded employees in an email from the company, which Ms. Ocasio-Cortez attached to her. cheep.

“It’s you?” the congresswoman asked the online retailer.

In recent years, Amazon has been repeatedly accused of leaving your overworked employees with no time to go to the bathroom. That allegation arose in a Twitter sharing between Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan and Dave Clark, Amazon’s head of consumer business, who praised the corporation’s “progressive” policies.

“If you want to hear about $ 15 an hour and medical attention, Senator Sanders will speak downtown,” Clark said. tweeted. “But if you want to make at least $ 15 an hour and have good health care, Amazon is hiring.”

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Representative Pocan questioned that optimistic outlook for Amazon’s labor policies.

“Paying workers $ 15 / hour does not make it a ‘progressive workplace’ when the union breaks and makes workers pee in water bottles,” said the congressman. wrote.

Amazon News, an official Twitter account for the retail giant, jumped to Clark’s defense.

“You really don’t believe in peeing in bottles, do you?” the check order in disbelief. “If that were true, no one would work for us.”

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