Antifa Rallies Planned in at Least 20 U.S. Cities — Won’t ‘Stop Until This Regime Driven from Power’


by Penny Starrthree Nov 2017zero

The left-wing, Antifa Refuse Fascism group is planning rallies in not less than 20 cities throughout the United States on Saturday to demand that the duly-elected President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence be “driven from power.”

In a full-page advert within the New York Times on Wednesday, the group marketed its occasion:

Nov four it begins — be there — be a part of with the hundreds who will collect in cities and cities throughout the nation. A motion of protests that proceed day-after-day and evening, rising till we turn out to be hundreds of thousands … decided to not cease till that is pushed from energy.

Newsweek reported on Thursday:

“Refuse fascism,” a nascent protest group with ties to a extra explicitly left-wing radical group, “the revolutionary communist party,” doesn’t seem to be a typical match for the left-leaning pages of the paper generally known as The Gray Lady, however little or no has been regular concerning the Trump period up to now, in response to organizers.

The regime is destroying the planet by ignoring local weather change, they are saying, they usually declare it’s turning America right into a fascist nation by way of an unprecedented sequence of govt orders.

“What Trump and his administration are doing could pose an existential threat to humanity,” Andy Zee, a member of the advisory board for Refuse Fascism, instructed Newsweek in a telephone interview.

“We’re in one of the most perilous moments in history right now,” Zee mentioned.

The nightmare should finish! Trump & Pence Must Go
This Saturday: Protests Begin!
SHARE & Find yours right here:

— #NoFascistUSA (@RefuseFascism) November three, 2017

The great pleasure folks felt when Trump’s twitter was down, is nothing in comparison with pleasure the planet will really feel after we drive his regime out!

— #NoFascistUSA (@RefuseFascism) November three, 2017

Saturday nationwide!
End the Nightmare. The Trump Regime Must Go
Join us! NYC. 1pm. 42nd & Broadway

— #NoFascistUSA (@RefuseFascism) November three, 2017

We should do that. We have to do that.
Before its too late. #Nov4ItBegins
Find an motion close to you:

— #NoFascistUSA (@RefuseFascism) October 30, 2017

The Refuse Fascism web site states:

No! In the identify of humanity we refuse to just accept a fascist America! Take to the streets and public squares in cities and cities throughout the nation persevering with day after day and evening after evening — not stopping till our DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

An inventory follows naming what these nightmares are, together with discrimination in opposition to Muslims and gays, objectivism and harbadment of girls, and the hazard posed by local weather change.

The “about” portion of the Refuse Fascism states:

We launched at an emergency badembly on the Great Hall of Cooper Union in NYC on December 19th, 2016.  Watched by some 200,000 folks on HuffPo’s FaceBookLive, Andy Zee, PZ Myers, Carl Dix, Jeremy Scahill, Imam Ayub Abdul-Baki, Rev. Doris Johnson, Sunsara Taylor, Immortal Technique, and Fran Luck spoke together with messages from Gloria Steinem, Chase Iron Eyes, Isabel Cardenas, and others on the fascist character of the Trump/Pence Regime and referred to as on folks to get organized to cease it earlier than it got here to energy.

But some are saying that the response to the deliberate rallies is overplayed and is being characterised by some conservative web sites as the beginning of a civil battle.

The Washington Post reported:

Infowars has warned “Antifa Plans ‘Civil War’ to Overthrow the Government.” The John Birch Society put out two latest movies warning Americans to “stay home and tell your children to do likewise” on Saturday.  YouTuber “A Glock Fanboy” notched greater than 400,400 views for a clip elevating the alarm about “the first day of the revolution or whatnot.”

Time journal flatly mentioned the claims of an revolt are: “simply not true.”

There will certainly be anti-Trump rallies in 20 cities across the U.S. on Saturday, from Atlanta to Honolulu, organized by a left-wing political motion group referred to as Refuse Fascism whose objective is unseating Trump. But its techniques — together with however not restricted to a “pbadionate speak-out with music and participatory art” — are a far cry from violent revolt.

Nor is it possible that the streets will probably be teeming with indignant mobs: solely 990 folks have mentioned that they’re attending the demonstration in New York, in response to the occasion’s Facebook group.

Among the not less than 20 cities the place rallies are set to happen are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

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