‘Anti-RPG’ PlayStation title Moon arrives on Switch eShop this August

Tokyo-based developer Onion Games – which previously worked on similar games Story of little king, Chibi-Robo! and also Super mario rpg – Has announced its cult-classic ‘Anti-RPG’ The moon The Switch will be released on the eShop (here in the West) at $ 18.99 / € 15.99 / £ 14.49 on 27 August next month.

This is the first time the game was released in English since its original debut on PlayStation in 1997. The title was already released on Switch in Japan last year and directly topped the eShop download chart. It was the seventh best-selling game in 2019 on the Japanese eShop. Here is the complete rundown of the government PR:

One night, under the silver light of a full moon, a young boy is suddenly sucked through his TV and into a videogame – a classic JRPG called “Moon World”. Following closely behind the brave hero of the game, the boy begins his journey to recover the world’s missing moonlight by collecting “Love”.

As the heroes of Moon World bite and loot the monsters for experience points and level – you know, as the heroes do – the boy leaves his spirits and collects his “love”. The Moon is not a game where you fight to the level – your own progress comes by collecting “love”!

As you explore the world, you will meet the crazy cast of weird and wonderful NPCs. Visit different times and days of the week to observe their strange habits and daily routines, and learn how to lose your secrets even more!

The moon A game about those turns [RPG] The tropes turn upside down, and seeing what actually happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG videogame.

Will you reclaim this cult-classic when it comes next month? Please leave a comment below.


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