Anti-Biden Antifa Forces Police to Attack Portland Police Officers

Authorities said the protests in Portland clashed with authorities on Wednesday as they voiced dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden, forcing officers to retreat and pick up at least one police bicycle.

The Portland Police Bureau said that a few hours after Biden was sworn in, several events were held in the city and inspired the nation to come together. A crowd of over 150 gathered at Revolution Hall around 2 a.m. and marched to Portland Police Sergeant, the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Kevin Allen said.

The so-called J20 protest was a demonstration against Biden and law enforcement.

Some of the group broke windows and smashed the building with graffiti. Calls and messages to the party headquarters were not immediately returned.

Warning: graphic language

When the group left the area and marched to a nearby park, police officers made “targeted arrests” regarding damage to Democratic headquarters. The group later dispersed.

In total, eight adults were arrested for crimes ranging from rioting and possession of a destructive device to reckless burning.

At one point, when officers on a bicycle enter the crowd, they ask someone to tell them to remove a metal pillar pasted with a banner that can be used as a weapon, leaving them in flocks and The items were offloaded, Allen said.

A video posted online shows a mob of protesters trying to take an officer’s bicycle.

“As the officers said, the mob showed aggression by throwing officers into the herd and throwing objects,” Allen said.

A knife was recovered from a keeper, police said.

Warning: graphic language

Ellen said authorities have deployed a smoking canister in an attempt to leave the area safely. Authorities warned the group that they did not have permission to march or stay on the sidewalk.

The crowd eventually turned west, with some stopping a freeway onto the ramp, police said. A dumper fire was also burnt in the area.

Warning: graphic language

Other video clips show people holding banners: “We are invincible” and “We don’t want Biden – want revenge!” For “police killings,” “imperialist wars” and “fascist massacres”. The marchers called for an end to entry into the homes of the homeless and advocated other social justice reasons.

National Guard soldiers were not present at the venue.

Earlier in the day, some 20 protesters gathered outside an American Immigration and Customs Enforcement building to keep vigil for detainees.

Another group of more than 150 people gathered at Irving Park, which is peaceful, Allen said. Another gathering is held at Elizabeth Caruthers Park at 8 pm local time.

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Portland became the site of overnight protests last year amid police protests and national practices that had developed into violence between officers. Some gatherings witnessed disastrous behavior including attacks, arson and murder.

Mayor Ted Wheeler described what he recently described as a segment of violent agitators who detract from the message of police accountability and should be subject to more severe punishment.

In Seattle, a woman from a group monitored by police in the downtown area was arrested for alleged assault and detained on charges of damaging property to someone else. Police said that several places in the area were vandalized.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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