Anthopoulos: Braves Hope to Re-Sign Ozuna

For the second straight season, the Braves struck gold at mid-order threat for a one-year deal. Deal with atlanta’s 2019 Josh Donaldson Proved to be a masterstroke and although the front office was banned to walk the “Bringer of Rain”, GM Alex Anthopoulos’s one-year deal for Slumgar Marcel Oguna In a similar way it proved fruitful. The former Marlins and Cardinals slogger delivered the Super Platty .338 / .431 / .636 slash and scored 18 home runs in 267 plate appearances, including three postseason big flies.

The Braves now face a similar dilemma with Ozuna, who will draw on multi-year deals as the best batsmen in interest-free agency. Unlike Donaldson, Ozuna is ineligible for a qualified offer, which he declined last winter. Not only does he bolt his free-agent stock, but the Braves are in danger of not receiving any compensation if he departs. Speaking to reporters after the Braves exited the NLCS, Anthopoulos clarified that re-signing Ozun is a priority, but also spoke with some caution (Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Gab Burns and Link via K Mark Bowman).

“Marcel was amazing for us,” Anthopoulos said. “That was awesome. We would love to return it. I definitely plan to deliberate. … We are going to work hard to get as many answers as a revenue approach, a DH approach, all those things. ”

Anthopoulos brushed aside questions about the team’s budget, noting that he had yet to discuss payroll with ownership and addition, for competitive purposes, that he would not split the outcome of those negotiations, even though They take place. GM pointed to uncertainties about 2021 revenue and said whether they would play a full slate of games with fans in attendance next year to determine club payroll, re-sign free agents and other offshinning moves. Will play as additional factors in searching.

Ozuna, for himself, soon took the 30-year-old slave on social media to express kind words and gratitude to the brave organization, its peers and the Atlanta fanbase.

“I made the right decision to come for the Braves,” Oguna wrote on Instagram. “My time in Atlanta this year made me very happy and I will always remember this season. None of us knows what the future holds, but I know that the future is BIG and BRIGHT. Thanks to all of you.”

The specifics of Ozuna’s goals in free agency may not be known, but his decision to wager himself last winter might have been better. Oguna reportedly turned down a three-year offer to sign with the Reds, rather than a one-year salary and an opportunity to return to free agency this winter.

The Braves provided that opportunity, possibly due to the inverted Ozuna showing in various statocast measures of interest with the Marlins and their top-level ratings in the 2017 mammoth campaign. In 2019, Ozuna barrel rate (85th), average exit velocity (91st), hard-hit rate (96th), expected batting average (89th), expected slugging percentage (90th) and 85th position as expected Was better at or. Base average (91st) weighted.

As impressive as that bat-ball profile, Ozuna’s actual results on the field were relatively pedestrian (.241 / .328 / -478). He is associated with his name after rejecting a qualified offer, tempered interest in Ojuna, with output, defensive questions and as draft-pick compensation. This would almost certainly not be the case this winter, as Ozuna not only delivered elite results at the plate, but somehow managed to improve each of the batting matrices, suggesting that his Herculean season is sustainable.

As Anthopoulas said, the teams are still unsure whether the National League will have a permanent designated hitter. This is important in relation to Ozuna, who is limited to left field and experiences considerable throwing issues during his time with the Cardinals due to prior shoulder troubles. The Braves used Ozuna as their primary DH in 2020 and would certainly like to move on.

There is widespread belief throughout the industry that even if NL DH is stricken with the rule book in 2021, it will be implemented as part of the 2021 collective bargaining negotiations. As such, the Braves or any other NL club may be willing to bet on using Ozuna in left field for a year and then move him to DH in 2022 and beyond, but some certainty on that front Will help her market.

Focusing exclusively on the Braves, it is difficult to know if they will buck recent trends under the Anthopoulos regime and thus take a financial plunge. Anthopoulos has ended long-term deals for the most part, beyond two years in just one instance: the three-year last year, $ 40MM deal for Lefty Will smith. In addition, he has taken a conservative approach in free agency – even towards big-name targets.

There was enough pressure to bring in fans Craig Kimbrel Back to a multi-year deal when its market closed, but the Braves opposed it. The same was true Dallas ketchle, But the Braves were kept out until Keuschel could get a one-year deal, at a middenson. Donaldson, Ozuna and Cole Hummels Other big names, represent one-year deals with higher prices. Since Anthopoulos took over the reins, the Braves did not exceed Smith’s $ 13.33MM annual salary on a multi-year deal for any free agent.

Signing Ozuna this winter would require a departure from that stance. While no one can be certain how this year’s market will be shaken due to those revenue losses, it is expected that the top stars will still be paid. Ojun seemingly has to have at least a four-year deal – possibly based on a five-year agreement – based on or likely to exceed his current $ 18MM salary.

There is definitely room on the payroll to make that dip, thanks in no small part, thanks to team-friendly deals Ozzy Alloys And Ronald acuna jr That said, the verdict will not only be against the backdrop of revenue losses, but it is required to exclude an extension for the franchise icon Freddy freeman, Whose eight-year deal ends at the conclusion of the 2021 season. There should be a competitive market for Ozuna’s services, and reunification is far from a sure thing. The result cannot be known at this point, but Ozuna’s situation already has similarities with last year’s Donaldson saga.

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