Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs took note of MLB’s safety protocol before the game was postponed to the season

Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo took issue with Major League Baseball’s rain-lapse protocol amid a coronovirus epidemic as his game was postponed to Thursday night due to inclement weather.

When the rain forced the game to be postponed, Rizzo and the Cubs were set to play the Cincinnati Reds. However, the first baseman appeared to be troubled by social-disturbing policies while he and his companions were awaiting if the game was about to be postponed.

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“Player safety?” @mlb sit 8 plus hours inside the clubhouse .. I’m sure I think a 113 page player can be found elsewhere in the safety protocol, ”Rizzo tweeted.

Rizzo survived a cancer and took the necessary precautions to protect himself from getting coronavirus.

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Many Miami Marlins players and staff have contracted the virus, as players have increased concerns about the disease. The outbreak of the Marlins Clubhouse forced MLB to halt their season.

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The Marlins were playing the Philadelphia Phillies last weekend when positive tests were announced. Earlier Thursday, Phillies announced that two employees tested positive for the virus. His series against the Toronto Blue Jays was later postponed.

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