Anthony Rapp feared that Kevin Spacey's sexual assaults would "continue to happen" if he did not speak

Anthony Rapp said during a red carpet interview that he filed badual badault allegations against Kevin Spacey because he feared such incidents would continue if he remained silent.

Speaking during a red carpet interview at the premiere of the second season of Discovery of Star TrekRapp (who plays Lt. Paul Stamets on the show) said he does not regret his accusations of badual misconduct against Spacey. He accused the veteran actor of advancing him at a house party when he was 14 and Spacey was 25.

Rapp added that he hoped to have contributed to "changing the culture." Although he did not press charges against Spacey at the time of the incident, Rapp says he did speak with a lawyer.

The Rapp / Spacey incident was not publicly disclosed until other allegations of badual misconduct surfaced about Harvey Weinstein. The resulting protest led to accusations against others and led Rapp to present his Spacey story.

For his part, Spacey said he did not remember Rapp's meeting, but said he apologized if the accusations were true.

Rapp said he would continue talking. "I know it's something that needs to move forward and I will continue to do everything possible to be part of the forward movement," Rapp said. "I was worried that it was something that could continue to happen, so if I could do something that made a difference, I was eager to do it."

Once Rapp made his accusations, more than a dozen other Spacey accusers showed up, prompting Spacey to lose his lead role in the Netflix series. House of cards.

Spacey was indicted earlier this month in Mbadachusetts for indecent badault and battery charges in connection with an indictment of a Mbadachusetts man. That person alleged that Spacey badaulted him at age 18 in a Nantucket bar.

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