Anthony Rapp & # 39; thanked & # 39; your response to Kevin Spacey’s allegations


Anthony Rapp, who made the first public accusations of badual misconduct against Kevin Spacey, appreciates the response he has received since it was introduced.

"I was very surprised," Rapp, 46, told Entertainment Tonight on Monday. "I was very gratified by the response I received from so many people, and I think this is an important step to dismantle the machinery that allowed this kind of thing to continue."

In October, Rapp accused Spacey of attempting to badually badault him when Rapp was only 14 and Spacey was 26.

Since the accusations were in the news, Spacey, 58, has faced many other behavioral allegations Sexually inappropriate and was fired from "House of Cards", which will resume production without him in early 2018.

Rapp claims that he has faced Trolling since the fans of Spacey since they spoke, but says that the answer to his The story has been overwhelmingly positive, and he does not want the rest of the cast and crew of "House of Cards," who also accused Spacey of badual harbadment. suffer due to the alleged behavior of Spacey.

"It was important to me that the dominant effects of everything that happens does not negatively affect many people," Rapp said. "So, I'm very happy that the people who work at & # 39; House of Cards & # 39; continue to do that job."

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