Anthony Mackie spares Betty White to make her white girls’ dreams come true

Anthony Mackie, Jimmy Fallon

Anthony Mackie, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

It feels great to be Anthony McKee these days. In addition to playing a cool robot (well, Android) in Netflix Outside the wire, And like a robot-cloned man in the second season of Changed carbon (Netflix), McKee is also about to reprise his role as Sam Wilson in the MCU covering all of the ongoing acquisitions in streaming The falcon and the winter soldier. (Premiering on Disney + on March 19.) Yes, yes, pretty full plate for Mackie, which appeared on Thursday Tonight’s showWith Avenger to step into the role of stuntman Outside the wire.

“For some reason, the summer of 2018 was a pretty good summer for black stuntmen,” McKee told Fallon, stating that, after his fall, the boy filmed the gag himself before the shoot, something McKee said. Stirred himself to exhale. Leaving a director’s mark Mikel Hafström, Mackey had to accept that either flattery or bullying worked on him, as Outside the wire The director risked his bankable neck with Kajoling saying, “Come on, you are a big man, people like you, jump off the building.” People like what McKay can say. He jumped from the building.

Tell Fallon about his excitement to root against Tom Brady when his first-round victorious Saints play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday (and his week-long pre-game Saints sport socks and slippers) to New Orleans superfan McKee Had to admit, if he ever meets “pretty” Brady, he will forget all fidelity and ask the “handsome” QB and “comb his hair”. McKay also confessed that his NFL fantasy football does not enhance footballing skills, noting that the All-Avengers fantasy league saw him dead last year, and ended the endless trash talk from eventual winner Chris Pratt. Better chris, Chris Evans, and Paul Rudd, whose slow-paced “intellectual” jock-tanning sometimes doesn’t take off until much later. A score for Ant-Man.

Still, there is no Anthony McKee fan who is tough for someone special Golden Girl, Upcoming 99th birthday cElephant, Betty White. Given that he is about Hallmark’s late night, all Golden Girls Programming as a post-filming cool-down, McKee recalled the night before a few years ago, when at a New York show, he was not paying attention to whiteness, even taking out his favorites . Golden Girls Episode (one where White tap dance, Dance ‘). And, BissauSince Betty White is, was, and will ever be a legend, Mackey tells Falon how the venerable star laughed, thrusting at Mackey’s cheek, and said, “Oh, you make me wish I was 40 years younger. Yes , It is good to have Anthony McKenny.


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