ANSA McAL will vaccinate 6,000 employees and families

Rishard Khan

One of the largest conglomerates in the country, ANSA McAL has announced that it will offer COVID-19 vaccines free of charge to 6,000 of its employees and their immediate families once the vaccines are available, in a campaign with the theme “ANSA McAL VacciNat on Initiative “.

In a statement on Friday, the company said it believes the private sector has a role to play in supporting the government’s efforts to put the COVID-19 vaccine in the arms of all citizens who want it.

The company encouraged others in the private sector to follow suit, the nation would be better for that.

“If other members of the private sector, in turn, commit to do the same with their own population of staff, the burden of shared responsibility would mean that the country and the region will recover much faster,” he said.

The group said it intends to collaborate and partner with the Government’s Ministries of Health in the territories in which it operates. This, he said, is because, at the moment, COVID-19 vaccines can only be purchased through official government channels.

The conglomerate said that if the opportunity arises to purchase vaccines on its own, it will seize it.

“We consider that the availability and acceptance of vaccination is a priority to protect the population in general and is essential for the recovery of the economies of our region. Therefore, if the opportunity arises in the future to obtain WHO-approved vaccines on the open market through reputable pharmaceutical companies, ANSA McAL will seek to do so, ”it said in a subsequent statement.

Vaccination of its employees is based on ANSA McAL’s ongoing COVID-19 public education awareness campaign titled: “A Small Dose of Hope.” Its aim is to inform and educate the general population about the need to take the COVID-19 vaccine and to counter “some of the misleading sources of information in the public domain that create confusion and uncertainty.”

“We see this as an opportunity for the private sector to step forward and contribute to eradicating this unprecedented contagion to public health, which has had an adverse social and economic impact on the countries of the region. As a homegrown regional conglomerate with a 140-year history and a commitment to serving the region in all sectors, we have a duty to do our part to share the burden of responsibility with the public sector, for the benefit of the region. of the Caribbean, its citizens. and our communities. “said the statement.

Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Planning and Development, Allyson West, announced the Program to Support Vulnerable Populations Affected by Coronavirus in Trinidad and Tobago (SUVPAC).

The agreement signed with the Inter-American Development Bank on Tuesday will see the deployment of US $ 24.45 million “in the urgent execution of COVID-19 management measures aimed at ensuring minimum levels of quality of life for vulnerable people in the middle. of the crisis caused by the pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago “.

In a statement, Minister West said: “This agreement will support minimum income for those affected by the coronavirus in the immediate period and during the recovery. The agreement does not foresee that Trinidad and Tobago will go into additional debt, but rather redirects existing uncommitted credit resources to new and urgent areas of high priority public investment that require financing during this critical period ”.

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