Another task in the immune system can be to cope with depression.


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According to a new Yale-led study in the spinal cord, an inflammatory autoimmune response within the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), is associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Fluids of MS patients and healthy subjects. The research was published on 18 September in the journal Science immunology, Suggests that these immune cells may play a role in addition to protecting against microbial invaders – protecting our mental health.

The results suppress an emerging theory that interferes with gamma, a type of immune cell that helps induce and modulate a variety of immune system responses, may also play a role in preventing depression in healthy people.

“We were surprised that normal spinal fluid would be so interesting,” said David Hafler, William S. and Loyce Stiles Edgerley Professor of Neurology, professor of immunobiology and senior author of the study.

Previous research has shown that helping to produce gamma interferon and T cells can cause depression-like symptoms in mice. Hafler noted that depression with a different type of interferon is a common side effect in patients with MS.

Using a powerful new technique that allows a detailed examination of individual cells, researchers point out that the characteristics of T cells in the spinal fluid of healthy people share similarities with those of MS patients, in those with repetitive and noxious inflammation. This lack of ability to cause is a response seen in autoimmune diseases such as MS.

In short, the immune system in all people’s brains is set to create an inflammatory immune system response and may have another function than a defense against pathogens, Hafler said.

“These T cells serve another purpose and we speculate that they can help maintain our mental health,” he said.

Huffler said his lab and colleagues at Yale planned to explore how immune system responses in the central nervous system could affect mental disorders such as depression.

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more information:
JL Pappalardo el al., “Transcriptome and clonal characterization of T cells in the human central nervous system,” Science immunology (2020).… 6 / Sciimmunol.abb8786

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Quotes: There may be another work in the immune system- Combating Depression (2020, September 18) from until 18 September 2020

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