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Another superhero skin of season 4 of Fortnite possibly mocked

After the first official image of Fortnite Season 4, the developer Epic Games has released an updated version. Like the first, this also presents the image of what seems to be a superhero, further reinforcing the theories on the theme of Season 4 in Battle Royale.

The newly updated image still shows the first superhero, but now the Through it you see a female character that looks a bit like Wonder Woman. Epic Games has not said anything explicitly about Season 4, although it is logical that these are advances of the masks that we can expect to be available for Battle Royale players.

Like the first version, the image on the Fortnite website still has the words "get ready for the impact" on it. That would suggest that these superheroes and the theme of Season 4 could be related to the meteorite that players think would crash into Tilted Towers (or somewhere on the island). Recently, meteors have begun to touch land, although nothing of real importance has yet happened.

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With Season 3 ending on May 3, Season 4 is expected to follow immediately after. Based on what we have seen in past seasons, we can expect this to present a new Battle Pass (presumably purchased with V-Bucks for around $ 10 / £ 8) that offers a new batch of masks and other rewards. The theme of season 3 has revolved mainly around space, which makes sense given the ongoing events with the meteor, although it has also fueled the speculation that aliens may appear in some way. So far, that has not happened.

The end of season 3 means that this is the last chance for players to complete the current group of weekly challenges. A small number of these are available to all players, while the majority require that you possess the Battle Pass. We have a complete guide on how to complete them all, including the new challenges of Week 10.

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