Another Liam Neeson thriller Wonder Woman airs 1984 at the box office

The markman

The markman
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Our elected officials failed us a lot in 2020, but one of the most concrete ways they failed us is to ignore the realities of the threat posed by COVID-19, resulting in a full year of sanctions and lockdowns. Will happen. It’s really hard to understand how long this has been, so here’s a clear illustration of how long the coronovirus nightmare has been: By the end of this week, the American box office has now got two Liam Neeson has been thrilled since the epidemic began. two! No more Marvel movies! Was the first Honest thief In October, and now we’ve met Clint Eastwood-esque The markman– featuring Liam Neeson as a certified American who lives on a farm near the Mexican border and targets his rifle at immigrants crossing his property. It won the box office last weekend, grossing $ 3.2 million. (It was also, for the record, The third Liam Neeson film epidemic if you count comedy made in Italy. Fourth if you count simple love Since February. man Works.)

That was enough Wonder Woman 1984, Which is still $ 2.6 million (for a respectable total of $ 35.8, which is a vast Box office take during this epidemic). Unfortunately, for Dimishra’s Diana, however, there is no hope of a total impulse beating. The Croads: A New Age Staring to slip away: It made just over $ 2 million last weekend, which is no less. WW84, And put it under just $ 40 million. It has to be fast Wonder Woman 1984 To catch – it doesn’t, or it matters any, really.

The next few spots on the list, Like last week, no changes: World news Made $ 1 million, Monster hunter $ 920,000 made, Fatales $ 530,000 (big drop between them), and Promising young lady Made just $ 430,000. Disney’s Required Rearlies for the Week ()The Emperor’s New Groove At this time) only made $ 169,000, and after that everything is very serious. But, as we keep saying, it is probably not safe to go to a movie theater by any means, so … yes.

For a more detailed fragmentation of the weekend’s box office numbers, Click on Box Office Mojo.


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