Ann Rinking, dancer, actor, choreographer and dies at Foss Museum, 71

In New York, Ms. Rinking was a member of the Corps de Ballet at Radio City Music Hall. His first Broadway role was in the ensemble cast of “Cabaret” in 1969; She went on to appear in “Coco”, starring Katherine Hepburn as Coco Chanel and “Pippin”, which Fosse choreographed.

Ms. Rinking starred as Joel of Arc, opposite Joel Gray, in the 1975 musical “Goodtime Charlie”. The following year, she joined the cast of “A Chorus Line”. She appeared in a musical “Danskin” directed and choreographed by Foss beginning in 1978.

When “Dancein” opened, dance critic Jennifer Dunning of the Times wrote that Ms. Rinking had successfully leaped from the chorus line to the lead roles.

“There can be no doubt that Miss Rinking joined the ranks of Broadway’s brightest stars,” Ms. Dinning wrote. “With her long legs, silky, flying hair and feline intensity, Ms. Reinking is a very important company.”

(Fosse said he choreographed a portion of that show, “Trumpet Solo,” just because he could show Ms. Reinking’s leggy extension.)

“MS. The same clanking brings a lot of energy to whatever it is.”

In 1986, Ms. Rinking starred in the revival of “Sweet Charity”. That production also featured Babe Neuwirth, who starred in the revival of “Chicago” as Velma Kelly.

Ahead of the revival, Ms. Rinking said, she did not expect to dance on stage again. But later he said no to Rossi for the first time. Walter Bobby, the director of the show, tried relentlessly.

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