Ankita Lokhande revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Rani had told ‘I am losing my brother’

Ankita Lokhande also revealed that she and Sushant Singh Rajput had not been in contact for the last four years, but shared a good relationship with their sisters.

Ankita Lokhande revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Rani had told ‘I am losing my brother’

Ankita Lokhande is speaking for the first time after the demise of her former lover Sushant Singh Rajput and has made some shocking revelations. The actress spoke to Republic TV and rejected the Depression Doctrine. He had also revealed that Sushant had made a diary for his five-year plan and had acquired all those things. Now, Ankita has also revealed that she spoke to Sushant’s eldest sister Rani in November 2019 and she was worried for the late actor.

Ankita told Republic TV, “I really have a great bond with all the sisters and dads.” The actress said that Rani went to meet Sushant around November 2019, when she was told about dengue and asked him to accompany her. While Sushant was initially ready, he made a comeback at the last moment and gave no reason.

Ankita revealed, “She (Rani) said, ‘I felt some kind of pressure on her.’ Because Sushant never used to go against Rani Di. After her mother, Rani Di was the only girl that everyone was surprised to hear. Because we were together the whole time, this did not happen even when Sushant Rani Went against Di. “

Ankita further said that Sushant’s sister told him, “Who is my brother (I am losing my brother)”. But since Ankita was completely out of Sushant’s life, he only consoled Rani and asked the departed actor to give him some time.

Ankita said, “Rani Di was worried that there is someone who is influencing them, because Sushant was not someone who listened to anyone. Sushant had distanced himself from his sisters for the last one year. , I know this because Rani told, “Ankita said.

Ankita also said that Sushant and he were not in touch with each other after their breakup in 2016 and they did not even have Sushant’s phone number. “For the last four years, I had not been in contact with Sushant. I knew we could not talk to each other like that. What has been done. I could see that he was happy in life and I am happy too. . In my life.”

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