Animal Crossing’s out-of-stock Sanrio amiibo cards make the internet cry

If you logged in this morning thinking you were going to order successfully Animal Crossing: New HorizonsSanrio amiibo cards, bless your optimistic little heart. My sweet summer son, these cardboard rectangles seemingly sold out within seconds after Target launched them. The stark situation has left many Hello Kitty fans upset (or at least upset) on Friday.

After all, many people got up early just to spend money on the twee set, only to be restricted by resellers who are now selling Sanrio cards for a fortune on websites like eBay. Worse, some thought They had secured the Hello Kitty cards for store pickup, because their carts were full … only to receive an error or a message that they were already out of stock. The glitches were plentiful, judging by the social media posts and Polygon’s own experiences with the Target website.

This turn of events isn’t surprising – resellers have become a plague on nearly every nerdy collectible over the past year, from PlayStation 5 consoles to Pokémon cards. Once it became clear that the Animal Crossing Sanrio set would unlock a ton of extremely cute items and characters, it was practically a foregone conclusion that these cards would be sold out immediately.

It’s not a completely hopeless situation – many report that simply going to a store works or they turn to hacked amiibo sellers on websites like Etsy. Polygon has also asked Nintendo about possible restocks, but in the meantime, at least the memes about this absurd situation are golden.

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