Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Cooking, Sewing Indicate Datamine

Version 1.4.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived, and eager dataminers have already searched through the game’s files in terms of new features that may be on their way.

Ninji, A Twitter user known for glowing information from past animal crossings: New Horizons update, “hints” about “possible future things”, cooking and sewing recipes, various vegetables and ingredients, a new bush type ( Plungeria), including references to, and discovered a new Gyroid “ItemKind.”

According to Ninji’s tweet, tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, carrots, and squash may be on their way; Coupled with “hidden” references to cooking equipment may indicate that there is some kind of gardening or cooking mechanic or that the game was being planned for.

This is not new information – nineteen own it Tweeted about these references Previously, when specifically mentioning these items (while also mentioning pumpkins) it is planned to grow and be worthwhile by the players.

Return of Gyroid items to the game (sculpted furniture from previous animal crossing games that would dance and incorporate sounds with music) Mentioned by Ninji in the pastEspecially in relation to a museum cafe.

Already, several updates have been made by Ninji in game updates, such as Red and artwork, Shrubs, And Sea creatures and diving.

Ninji ended his series of tweets this evening with a reminder about his latest datamine confirming that none of these features are on his way to play.

“Definitely the rejection that these changes do not mean that a particular feature is definitely coming, or not coming,” Ninji writes. “Things change during development! They are almost certainly still working on cooking, etc., they are just gone. “[…] Ninji tweeted about this, add #ifdef. “

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