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Angus T. Jones looked very different from his days in ‘Two and a Half Men’, which he left in 2012 when he was walking outside his LA home on 27 October.

Angus T. Jones, 27, is out of sight for most because he dramatically relinquishes his role two and a Half Men In 2012, but on 27 October he was seen again and was not quite recognized! In pics obtained by Daily mail, Which can be seen here, the actor, who also did a cameo on the sitcom in 2015, was taking a walk outside his Los Angeles, CA home, while sporting long hair and a beard while he wore a blazer nearby saw. He wore a black T-shirt with a white Apple logo on it, as well as a night hat and sunglasses.

Angus’ latest scene comes 17 years after he first starred two and a Half Men, Which became one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s, as a young child, and ultimately a clean-cut but controversial teenager. He played the men’s “half role” in the series as Jake Harper, a child living with a divorced child played by him. John cryer, And uncle, played by Charlie Sheen. As he grew older, the producers saw his character smoking marijuana and dating older women, but by November 2012, Angus made headlines when he said he was “baptized” and now he is on YouTube Did not want to appear in the series in the video. .

Angus T. as a child. Jones. (AP)

He also helped discourage others from watching the series that helped him break into acting light when he called it “dirt”. He never returned to the series after the end of season 10, which aired in 2013, but he ended his cameo appearance in 2015 during the show’s final season.

Despite the controversial exit from the show, Angus made sure to stay busy with things other than acting. He attended the University of Colorado, where he began studying environmental studies, but later moved to Jewish studies by the end of his freshman year.

Angus T.  Jones
Angus T. during a scene in ‘Two and a Half Men’. Jones. (CBS)

In 2013, he made headlines again when he talked about his experience. two and a Half Men, In an interview with Seventh-day Adventist filmmaker Christopher hudson. He added that the show had inconsistencies with “a true God-fearing man”. In 2016, Angus gave an update about his life. The people And admitted that he was “slowly” returning to acting.

“Over the past three years I’ve been involved with various faith-based organizations,” he told the outlet. “Right now, I am moving away from organizational business-model programs. I am interested to see if I go into an organization without imposing a stamp of approval on what is good or bad or whatever. ”

Talking about acting, he said, “The door is definitely still open for me, but I’m taking things slowly.” “But I like the ability to travel and have to move around at a moment’s notice and not stay in one place for a time. In terms of regrets, I try to avoid those altogether. Nothing is changing. Only moving forward. ”

Angus’s last acting role was in an episode Horace and Pete In 2016.

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