Angry Rams fans have started a petition to be eliminated from the NFC Championship game and here's why

The Rams fans are so upset with the NFL's decision that referee Bill Vinovich officiate the NFC Championship on Sunday that they have actually started a petition to have him removed from the game.

The reason why the Rams fans are angry is because they seem to lose all the games that Vinovich is involved in. we noticed earlier this week When the official teams were announced, Vinovich has been the referee of eight games involving the Rams since 2012 and gone 0-8 in those games. Not only that, but the Rams were hit with more penalty yards in seven of the eight games (in the other game, they ended up with the same number of penalty yards).

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During the 2018 season, the Rams went 0-2 with Vinovich as their referee and that includes their first game with the Saints During the Saints' 45-35 victory over the Rams in Week 9, there were six penalties accepted in the game, four against Los Angeles and two against New Orleans.

The fan who initiated the petition seems especially frustrated that the league is causing the referee of the first game to officiate the second game.

Of the request:

"There's no reason to repeat exactly the same referee team for the playoff rematch, except to stack the odds that Drew Brees will come out with a ring," the petition states. "There are TONS of other combinations that the NFL could have chosen, whether the bias is intentional or not, there is too much data to demonstrate a pattern, and for a corporation as big as the NFL not seeing this pattern is highly unlikely. The game is too big and the referees must be neutral, simple and simple. "

The petition has gained a lot of strength this week with more than 7,000 Rams fans who signed it on Saturday morning. Unfortunately for Rams fans, even if 500,000 people sign this petition, there is basically a zero percent chance that the NFL pulls Vinovich out of the game.

Of course, there is a small positive side to all this for the Rams. If they beat the Saints on Sunday, the Super Bowl LIII referee is John Parry and the Rams. I have never lost a game who has officiated (7-0).

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