Anger in protest against Poland’s top court bans almost all abortions

People blocked a road near the house of Law and Justice leader Jaroslav Kaczynski during protests in Warsaw against further restrictions on abortion law.
People block a road near the home of Jaroslav Kaczyवski, leader of law and justice, during a protest to further ban abortion in Warsaw, Poland, on October 23, 2020.


Hundreds of people took to the streets of Poland’s cities on Thursday night to protest against the country’s abortion laws, which were Already among the strictest in Europe. Police met protesters with pepper spray at some places, and at least 15 protesters were arrested.

All abortions were allegedly banned by the Constitutional Court, following a ruling by the Constitutional Court that conflict between protesters and police turned into the violent city of Warsaw.

The court ruled that the termination of the fetus’s life with congenital defects was unconstitutional, meaning that abortion is now only a threat to rape, incest or the health of the mother in Poland. Those cases account for only 2% of legally conducted pregnancies in the country in recent years.

Fight over abortion laws in Poland


According to The Associated Press, statistics from the Ministry of Health show that most of the 1,110 legal abortions performed last year were due to genetic defects or physical defects of the fetus, including Down syndrome.

The verdict of the country’s top court drove protesters to the streets in various cities.

In Warsaw, hundreds of people marched from the Constitutional Court to the private house of Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski. Some protesters hinted at them with the word “atrocities”.

Police officers allegedly used pepper spray and made the arrests when some protesters threw stones and tried to push through a security cordon around Kaczynski’s house.

People protested against further banning of abortion law in Warsaw in Poland
People protest against further restrictions on abortion in Poland, on October 22, 2020, in Warsaw.


Many critics have Accused the government Taking advantage of the coronovirus crisis to advance legislative changes to a minimum by lockout measures.

The Orthodox Law and Justice Party, a strong ally of the Catholic Church, has for many years been pushing for strict abortion laws, often prompting mass protests by women rights activists and other groups. The protesters were planning to regroup on Friday evening to rescind the court’s ruling.

Women’s rights activists told CBS News that the consequences of the new law would be significant, and that in addition to banning almost all abortions, it would also serve prison sentences for women who illegally set the procedure, and here Even criminal investigations can be done. In abortion.


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