Angelina Jolie wonders for children’s lemonade stand

British schoolchildren – six-year-old Ayan Musa and East London’s Mikhail Isha – are best friends and set up the stand to raise money for the charity in July after learning about the crisis.

Ayan Mosa’s father, 37-year-old Shakeel Moosa, told CNN the “Melficant” star contacted the family three weeks ago through an agent and offered to donate to the charity, which was moved this weekend Given.

Jolie also sent a letter to the children, which she shared on Instagram, thanking him for his efforts and apologizing that he might not be in person to buy his lemonade.

“, It’s pretty amazing. It’s real – he’s not just a random star, you’re talking about one of the top names on the planet, so it’s a bit heavy,” Moosa said. “That is unprecedented.”

In a video on Instagram, the children thanked the actress. In the video he said, “Hi Angelina, I am Ayan. And I am Mikail. And we are Lemonade boys. We just want to say that we want to thank you.” She said that she would be happy to sell a glass of lemonade the next time she was in London.

Jolly, a special envoy for the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, previously talked about the conflict and poverty in the Middle Eastern country, which has suffered from civil unrest for decades.
Time is running out to stop the oil spill;  Ticking the time bomb & # 39;  Tanker in Yemen, UN warns
Since 2015, a five-year civil war has piled Houthi rebels against an internationally recognized government, supported by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, killing an estimated 112,000 people.

It is estimated that half of Yemen’s population is in danger of famine for millions of hungry, hungry or malnourished people.

The country has also been hit by the disease, with tens of thousands of people suffering from cholera – and now there are concerns that it may suffer one of the world’s worst coronovirus outbreaks.

When Ayan and Mikayil heard about the plight of young children in the country, they wanted to help, Ayan’s father told CNN.

“He said that people were living as if this was the first time. This is the first time in his life when he realized that not everyone is living like him,” Mojo said. “They were eager to do something … and whatever hundred pounds we added, we would give to a charity.”

The children have now helped raise £ 70,000 ($ 90,944) with joint fundraising efforts from friends and family. He said it was now expected to be able to raise £ 150,000, Moosa added.

CNN has reached out to Angelina Jolie’s representatives for comment.

CNN’s Tim Lister and Sam Kelly contributed to this report.