Angela Hill 10 loss at UFC Vegas: ‘I need to start taking b * tch and hug them’

For Angela Hill, a history-making headliner was not enough to mitigate the sting of a second straight division decision loss.

After failing to convince two of the three judges in UFC Vegas’s 10 main events in front of Mitchell Watterson, the legendary straightweight planned to make some serious changes with his style.

“Every time I have a fight I feel like I was close, or I feel like I’ve been robbed, man, a takedown would have made just a difference in the way MMA was scoring, and I think Hill told reporters after Saturday’s incident at UFC APEX, “I need a big thing and work on it.” “Even if I don’t get a fight right away, I think Is that what I’m going to focus on is that instead of doing this exercise, it’s actually trying to get people down and land and pound. “

Waterson scored the winning points 48-47 and 49-46 after five minutes of action against Hill. In the third round, Waterson’s grappling and ground control were the deciding factors. Hill battled through the majority of the takedown attempts, but he had the effect of making him more hesitant in his striking, which allowed Waterson to take more points at his feet.

Once a pure kickboxer who entered the UFC with just one fight on his resume, Hill’s development as a mixed martial artist has been apparent to anyone who has followed him. But recently, she has struggled to convert that development into a win on the scorecard.

“It sucks, man,” said a tearful Hill. “I keep ending up in this situation, where I put all my efforts to finish and get the decision, and it just doesn’t go my way.

“I definitely felt that I had done more damage in the fight. I knew I lost the third round because I couldn’t get up, and I felt bad about kicking him in the face, but I was aiming for the chest. And in the fourth, I was not good enough for it; I was worried about something too upset. And in the fifth, I finally said, ‘F * ck it’ and did everything I should have done in the fourth round. I still did not get that fifth round.

Hill felt the sting of defeat even more strongly than in his previous fight, a split decision loss for Claudia Gadelha where 13 of 17 MMA media members won her.

“I think this fight was a lot closer than the Gadel fight when this attack happened,” she said. “I felt this fight was closer than the previous one, but I felt like I’ve done more damage. It’s useless that I’m on the losing side again. I need to start taking b * tches and hugging them more. is. “

Soon after reading the decision, Hill stated that his first thought was to leave the game. But UFC President Dana White later ruled him out of the decision. At the press conference following the incident, White stumped for both fighters and declared that they were not losers.

This belief ensures that Hill will continue to battle in the near future. Even the headlining spot was an honor; This allowed her to make history as the first black woman to headline a UFC event. The stage meant that Hill got a chance to speak at a pre-fight interview near and dear to her, Black Lives Matter.

“I was just really nervous about it, because I know how poignant people are,” she said. “I know that people who say snowflakes are too many snowflakes, and they don’t like it when you say you’re black. I knew I had to keep a clear head and focus on the fight. I have to stay away from social media. But I felt it was important to do it. I talked to my mother about it and my brother and I made sure that what I was saying were things that needed to be said.

“It was exciting to get all this attention. I’m definitely one of the more ruthless under the radar type people when it comes to that kind of stuff. It was truly an emotional rollercoaster that was going through this fight week and focused on the fight and trying to represent. “

Next time, Hill’s biggest plan is what he needs to do to win. This means that he is a part of the game which he only accepts as part of doing business.

Known for his short-notice fights, Hill did not plan to put his foot on the gas when it comes to his career. He is heading to Abu Dhabi for the next round of Fight Island, and will be looking for opportunities that allow him to rise above the pack at 115 pounds.

“I’ll be ready to be there, and I don’t think there are any straightweight fights on those cards, but I’m going to investigate, just in case,” she said.