Angel Cabrera: Two-time golf major winner arrested in Brazil

In an deposition by the federal police in Rio de Janeiro, an unnamed Argentine, 51, was arrested on Friday.

A Rio de Janeiro federal police officer who does not want to identify CNN that the arrested person is “famous golfer El Pato”.

Angel Cabrera, better known as “El Pato”, has won both the Masters and the US Open.

Police say that the Brazilian Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for extradition and the person would be jailed in Argentina until the final extradition.

Angel Cabrera during a practice round before the start of the 2018 Masters.

Cabrera has been charged in Argentina with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, as well as misdemeanor theft.

CNN has spoken with its lawyer Miguel Gavier, who promised a statement.

In August, Gavier told CNN en Espanol that Cabrera denied the allegations. He said that he does not understand why the Interpol Red Notice was issued to Argentina because his clients were cooperating and received a signed statement from the prosecution stating that obtaining permission to travel to the cabaret Was not necessary.

Last year, the judge stated that for Cabaret to remain at liberty, he had to maintain an established residence in Argentina and make himself available to court when summoned.

“He is innocent in both cases and expects that he will be released based on the evidence that has been gathered,” he said.

Angel Cabrera won the Masters in 2009.

Neither Interpol or the Court of Justice in Córdoba, Argentina has returned calls to CNN.

Police say the arrest took place in a flat in Leblon, south of Rio de Janeiro. Cabrera is charged in Argentina

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According to the federal police officer, Angel was surprised, but “went along with the arrest, not fleeing or attempting to do anything.”

An anonymous federal police officer told CNN that Angel arrived in Brazil on December 31, arriving from the United States, and on January 9, a warrant was taken out by the Supreme Court.


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