Andy Reid’s face shield went viral during the Chiefs’ opening game

Kansas City head coach Andy Reid is not talking about the coronovirus and he proved it on the opening game against the Houston Texans.

Reid was seen pacing the sides with a face shield. He was somewhat upset on social media as cameras caught him fogging his face shield as he tried to call plays for his crime.

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Before the start of the NFL season it is mandatory that each coach and staff member of the bench area wear masks and reduce the size of each team’s travel squad.

Team owners must follow separate coronavirus testing requirements to gain access to the locker room, field, or team charter.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league, the players’ union and medical experts developed protocols to get him in a good position to play a full season with the Super Bowl.

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“We have been really fortunate that COVID-19 cases are rare in the league,” Goodell said last week. “It is a testament to the plans, but most importantly to the hard work of the players, teams and their employees. I will tell you that we still have more work to do. We are not going to rest. We will be alert, flexible, flexible and basically adapt to the circumstances as required by public health as our number 1 priority as all number offers. ”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.