Andy Reid Roundup: Three Takeaways from Head Coach

Kansas City head coach Andy Reid met with the media on a zoom conference call on Monday, as the team turns the page on Sunday with a win over the Houston Texans to advance to the Los Angeles Chargers’ challenge.

View the full press by clicking here or here. Here were the most important takeaways:

Reid said he wanted to “get the run game” on Thursday night.

The Chiefs drove the ball 34 times against Texas, including 25 cars from Rocky Clyde Edwards-Hellaire.

“We wanted to do the same thing as the run game,” Reid said, “especially with a short back, I think it was important to use him for the pace of the game. But at the same time. In, you want production. You are trying to put a mark on the board. “

Edwards-Heilier finished with 138 yards and a touchdown.

“Clyde got a few carts, and there’s a lot of stuff involved. How are you going to recover next week? There is a way to get yourself right into the National Football League for a Wednesday practice. You can get yourself How do you manage to that point and prepare yourself for the game throughout the week? So, she has to learn all these things as she moves forward here. “

Reid liked what he saw from new people Kelachi Ossele And L’George Snead.

The eight-year-old veteran in Osemale brings some power to Kansas City’s offensive line.

“[Laurent Duvernay-Tardif] A little bit was that way too (and Andrew) Wyllie got some of that, but it’s good to add that, “Reid explained. “I think it’s good to be able to put another guy with his experience and his attitude about playing me. I mean he plays, and he plays aggressive and you have to love him. I’m this Not saying that we haven’t had this before, but what an extra to be able to get it there, and I think his thing has been followed during his career, you play against him, you Better strap it on because he’s going to bring it down for you and it’s going to be aggressive and he’s going to whistle it and do that whole thing. So, I appreciate it. I think You’ve got the front and it’s a good tempo setter. “

Osemel played every snap for the offense and Snade earned 55 defensive snacks (93%) in his NFL debut.

When asked about Snade, Reid said, “Like every practice, if they can play well and better, you can get them in the game.” “Once you get there, it increases its speed so much that you get used to it and it ends, I think, important to all of them, but it has grown well.”

The chiefs made little change in their road-game program to deal with the epidemic.

The chiefs plan to travel on Saturday for Sunday’s game, but cannot leave the hotel once they arrive in Los Angeles.

“We’ll leave a little later, arrive at the hotel a little later, and then we won’t have separate meetings that we usually have.” “We will be able to end our team meeting, then have dinner and a bite to eat. Therefore, we will spend a little more time here with our morning meetings and complete them. “

The majors will experience their first experience playing with fans at Sophie Stadium, where the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Dallas Cowboys in Sunday Night Football.

“You could see it a little on tape,” Reid said. He said, “This is the same place he played last night and so we got a little bounce on it.” The thing that jumps out at you is, I mean it was the sound there. That is a confrontation at the stadium. You heard the ball hit the goal post and you can hear it on TV and as loud as you can and you can hear the players talking specifically – yes, you can hear the players talking during the game, So that you can understand that there is no one in it, things are there – anyway they are slightly increased than a normal game.

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