Andy Reid on Raiders victory lap after Week 5 meeting: ‘It’s not our style’

The head of Andy Reid does not lose often, but when they do, he does not draw praise from the winners.

The Las Vegas Raiders scored a upset win over the Chiefs by a final score of 40–32 in Week 5, and as they left for the local airport, the Raiders’ team buses before exiting and entering the nearby highway Circled Arrowhead Stadium. Reid was asked about Vijay’s lap on Monday and was brief with his answer.

“They won the game, so they can do anything they want to do,” Reid said via ESPN. “This is not our style.”

Asked if it was difficult for a team to play for a second time after losing for the first time, Reid rejected such thinking, before Las Vegas accepted such a notion, and when he got the chance, Led into victory. Meanwhile, Raiders coach John Gruden denies the fantasy of an outside victory after his team’s victory, instead hinting at an alleged conversation with a bus driver, which led to a Las Vegas bus convoy carrying additional Distance traveled.

“Actually I don’t mean, you can find a smart-alec bus driver in Kansas City who made some lewd comments when he got on the bus,” Gruden said. “Maybe that’s why we rolled around the stadium to molest him. You know, this is ridiculous. Next question.”

Kansas City travels to Las Vegas this weekend for the first meeting between the teams at the Raiders’ new home that will be played in front of a national audience. Viewers across America can expect a game played between two teams that are not very fond of each other.

The Raiders-Chief’s rivalry spans back to their pre-merger days in the American Football League. With the Chiefs sitting on the throne of the NFL as champions and as the Raiders in playoff contention, Las Vegas is coming to the king and aiming not to miss. Kansas City, of course, does not intend to surrender its hard-earned territory.

“It’s two good football teams that play each other,” Reid said. “I don’t think either team likes the other as much as they’ve said before.”

If the AFC West-Leading Chiefs achieve a season split with the Raiders, they will have a chance to round up their winning lap around the brand-new Allegiant Stadium. But as Reid said, they won’t do it. His style is more aerial than arrogant.

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