Andy Cohen breaks silence when Denis Richards exits, saying he is ‘upset’

Denise Richards is leaving Real housewives of beverly hills After only two seasons. The Hollywood actress faced scrutiny from her fellow cast members after accusations of having an affair with Brandi Glanville. The entire drama was centered on Richards and she most likely expressed that she did not want to return. After the news broke, Andy Cohen is now breaking his silence on what happened.

Andy Cohen & Denise Richards | Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Image / Arturo Homes / Wireimage

When Richards joined the cast RHOBH This was big news because he is a big Hollywood name. His first season went mostly under the radar but his second season was the complete opposite. Glanville stated on the show that he had an affair with Richards, which the latter strictly refused.

Richards refused to film with the women through the latter part of season 10. In the final episode, Lisa Rinna reveals that Richards has ordered a truce for both production company Bravo and Evolution. Wild objects Star wanted to control the edit and cut all the scenes talking about the alleged hookup.

In the end, Richards decided to return, but even went to the reunion to say her piece.

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Why is Denise Richards not returning?

It’s obvious why Richards wouldn’t want to return RHOBH After all the investigation he faced his partner Housewives. However, it seems that Bravo wanted the star to return for season 11 but the conversation took place and Cohen is now breaking his silence.

Cohen said, “I’m just upset that we can’t reach an agreement for the next season. I’m living in that misery.” People TV.

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The host of the late-night talk show said, “We were negotiating an agreement with him and we could not reach an agreement.”

Cohen was also asked how much he pushed Richards to the reunion. The latter was sketched and refused to answer questions about the situation he was accused of.

“He has a family and children. Whatever happened or didn’t happen, I think it’s something he didn’t really care to discuss on the television show, “Cohen noted.

Garslele Beauvais is not surprised

A true friend was richards RHOBH Garcel was Bevius. The latter joined the cast in season 10 and remained loyal to Richards throughout the ordeal. They became so close that they made a pact about not doing a reality series without each other.

“We talked about yesterday and I said, ‘I hope so,” said on Beauvais SiriusXM Stars. “He’s like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.” I like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.’

After it was confirmed that Richards would not be returning, Beauvais said he was not surprised by the news.

He said, “Let me just say, I’m not surprised at how things went.” The Jenny McCarthy Show On SiriusXM. “It was a really tough season for him. I think when you are constantly talking, you know, it can affect your marriage, it can affect your children. It was like that, a little retreat, there is no need to eat dinner every now and then. I think she just had enough. ”

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So far, no more casting reports have come for this RHOBH Season 11. However, Real housewives of beverly hills Shooting of the film is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, fans can continue to watch the season 10 reunion on Bravo next Wednesday night at 9 pm ET.