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Android Google I / O application updated for 2018 with a new coat of paint

Google I / O is less than two weeks away, and Google has finally updated the official Google I / O application. Bring the latest edition of Material Design to the application, but also bring the calendar to Google I / O 2018 and other elements for this year's developer conference.

The updated application is quite easy to navigate now. With three tabs on the bottom. One for information, one for the schedule and another for the location, which shows you where everything is in Google I / O, including different sessions, restrooms, etc. The tabs at the top will change depending on the tab you touch on the bottom. Therefore, it is a bit more flexible and facilitates navigation, which is always good. This has the latest material design guidelines included, and it really looks great. Under the information tab, you will get information for the event, which includes the WiFi network and password, types of events, meals, events after hours and more. Under the travel tab, you will find information on how to get to Google I / O, including the different transport services offered by the company, public transport, cycling and others.

The program tab is probably the most important one. part of this application. As it shows all the different sessions available on Google I / O this year. That begins with the Keynote on Tuesday, May 8 at 10AM PST. This is where Google will announce a series of things they are working on, many of which will not be available until later in the year. Then, there will be sessions throughout Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Google I / O application will allow you to choose the sessions you want to attend and add them to your calendar, which is really good and useful. The application is available for download on Android (as well as iOS for those who use iPhones or iPads as well). Actually, it is only useful for those who actually attend the conference.

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