Android Auto launches wireless users in another country

The availability of Android Auto is limited to select countries, both wired and wireless, despite the fact that applications can use stand-alone APK installers to access them.

While they will actually lack some functionality, such as support for their local languages, Android Auto can be used quite well in English unsupported countries unless Google expands availability.

And as it turns out, the search giant has recently added another country to the list of regions where Android Auto Wireless is officially supported.

This is Russia, the country where until now only one car was allowed to run Android Auto. This makes Japan the only region where wireless Android Auto is still not available, so drivers in this country still have to live with USB cable.

However, it is worth noting that Google, as far as Android Auto Wireless is concerned, is preparing for a massive change.

Beginning with Android 11, whose official debut is expected later this year, everyone can use Android Auto wirelessly, as the availability of this feature will no longer be limited to phone models. On Android 9 and 10, users must have a Samsung or Google smartphone to be able to run Android Auto without a cable, apparently as long as the head unit in the car also supports it.

Android 11 will thus replace it, unlocking the wireless version of Android Auto on all other Android devices, even though we’re talking about Motorola, LG, Huawei, and other brands.

If your head unit only supports the wired version of Android Auto, you can soon convert it to wireless using a smaller adapter. The Indiegogo project that recently launched seeks support for crowdfunding for mass production of USB dongles, which will aim to connect to your car’s USB port and allow wired Android Auto to wirelessly without any hacks Will have to change.