While Android 12’s first developer preview may not have too many new features compared to its predecessor on the surface, there are a ton of things hidden behind the system flags, including a notification shade makeover, themes based on wallpapers and one in the style of iPhone. Manual mode. But gamers are also in luck – the developer preview seems to set the stage for an in-game toolbar, as XDA reported.

XDA Forums member and Android app developer Kieron Quinn managed to get the game overlay to appear by reverse engineering, but for now, the user interface is still pretty basic. It consists of two non-functional buttons that live in the lower left corner of a game. One looks like a controller and the other, slightly smaller, could be a record button. Presumably you’ll be able to enter some advanced game mode settings through the former, while the latter will allow you to record your session, as suggested by the code in the Android 12 system UI.

XDA writes that the board is part of the com.google.android.systemui class instead of the com.android.systemui, which could mean that the gameplay will be exclusive to Pixel. But since many manufacturers already have their own more advanced game modes, hopefully this is not a huge loss. Clues about a game mode were originally spotted before the first developer preview when a new “GameManager service” appeared, although it is unclear how exactly the game board and game mode relate to each other as of now. .

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