Android 12 may get a colorful, new theming system

Credit: Untamed Sharma / Android Authority

  • Android 12 may get a new, in-depth theming system.
  • This will reportedly allow users to choose one primary color and one accent color.
  • Recolor apps can also help.

The first Android 12 developer preview seems right on the horizon. We’ve seen a bunch of recent rumors about new software, and people 9to5Google Many of them are responsible. The latest information revealed by the publication suggests that Android 12 may get a comprehensive, new theming system.

Currently, switching between light and dark themes is the only major visual tweak that you can change the UI and application appearance on your Android phone. Pixel phones go a step further and provide settings to customize accent colors, but even they are limited to places like the Quick Settings area.

With Android 12, Google is reportedly focusing on a deeper theme system. This will allow you to select a primary color and an accent color, which will not only follow the UI extensively but also third-party apps that support the functionality.

The primary color should be reflected in the background of the Quick Settings dropdown and notification shade. 9to5Google Made a hard joke of what it might look like.

Android 12 theming mockup green

The best thing is that the apps on your phone can also get the primary and accent colors you choose. If developers integrate Android 12’s new theme system into their apps. In comparison, apps on Android 11 can only change from dark to light according to your phone’s settings.

Apart from this, Android 12 should also be able to change the theme according to your wallpaper. So when you change your wallpaper, the system can automatically choose a theme color to rearrange the UI and apps.

It all sounds great, but Android 12 is not here yet and out of all the initial features it is not in the final version. So we’ll have to wait and see if Google is serious about this theming system and what app developers make of it.

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