‘Andrew McEuchen’ upset by Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen said on Monday he was upset with the Miami Marlins at his clubhouse over a coronovirus outbreak that postponed the games.

McCutchen told The Athletic’s “Starkville” that Phyllis “did everything right” and that the team ultimately “paid for it.”

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The veteran MLB player said, “I was disturbed by what is transmitted through that – whoever has decided to follow or not necessarily follow health and safety protocols.” “It made me nervous. What got me angry was that we, as Philly – we were the ones who ended up paying for that. … We followed the Health and Safety Protocol. We knew this was important. We understood what we needed to do to be able to play this game. And we did everything right. And we paid for it.

“And so for me, he was upset. I’m sitting here at home, watching 28 to 27 playing 26 other teams, and we’re sitting at home – all the way (test) negative. And we have to see it happen while we did nothing wrong. So for me, he was very upset. It was very disturbing that we did everything right, and we were still going to pay for it. ”

The Marlins game was postponed for a week after more than a dozen players and staff members tested positive for coronavirus. Marlins CEO Derek Jeter reported that he believed he contracted the disease due to a false sense of security, which led players to wear masks and learn about social discrimination.

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“Friends were around each other, they calmed down and they let their guard down,” Jeter said. “They were getting together in groups. They were not wearing masks as they should have been. They were not social distinctions. The entire traveling party got some rest. ”

Jatar had speculated on how the Marlins players may have contracted the virus.

“Our people were not walking around the city of Atlanta,” Jeter said. “We hired some people to leave the hotel. We had a holiday to get coffee, clothes. A man ate food at a teammate’s house. There were no other guests on site. There was no saline activity. There were no bars, no clubs, no running around Atlanta. ”

What McLeans anticipated in the Marlins organization was not a lesson.

“We can see that it’s all one person, two, whatever it is, to really make things a little difficult with this season,” he told the Athletic Podcast. “So I was upset that we did everything right and were not playing. As far as specific players from the other team are concerned, they did what they did. But now we realize, hopefully we can learn from this and realize that if we want to be able to play this game, we should all be on the same page. ”

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The Phillies played their first game on Monday against the New York Yankees.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.