Andrew Giuliani considers running for NYC mayor in 2021

Mayor Giuliani? Yes it can happen again.

While Gracie Mansion’s 76-year-old former occupier is not returning to her old job, her 34-year-old son Andrew is working hard to run for mayor in 2021.

“I am definitely thinking about it. This is something that a group of people I trust have made contact with me, ”Chhote Giuliani told the Post. “It has been terrible to see how the city has spiraled over the years. I am afraid that if the right candidate does not win in 2021, then the policies of the four-year De Blasio will remind us of the 80s. ”

“Mayor de Blasio’s administration has failed in New York because he does not value the New York Police Department and what he has done for the city has no value,” continued Giuliani, with recent budget cuts and the NYPD Dissolution of undercover adversary- crime unit.

Andrew Giuliani has spent more than three years working as a public relations assistant for President Trump in the White House – and, like his father – has developed a close working relationship with the billionaire. They sometimes meet four times a week when things get busy. His portfolio includes differences between the White House and a wide variety of businesses, nonprofits and other groups.

“We deal with Tim Cook to Kim Kardashian and everyone in between,” he said.

Giuliani, who once aspired to become a professional golfer, also occasionally ties up with Trump.

President Trump walked out of the White House in 2017 with Andrew Giuliani.
President Trump walked out of the White House in 2017 with Andrew Giuliani.Official White House Photo by Shiah Craidhead

“I’m better off a pair of strokes,” he said, laughing that he prefers to be on the president’s team. “You always want to be careful about beating your boss.”

Giuliani insisted that right now his energy is focused on re-electing the president before fulfilling his personal ambitions.

“I am trying to make sure that the president ends on November 3, and then immediately after that my focus is on how we can save New York City again,” he said.

Giuliani said he has been running for the city’s top job with his father for the past six weeks. Rudy Giuliani served as mayor from 1994 to 2001 and is widely credited for curbing control crime and leading New York through the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

If he looked for the Republican nomination, Andrew Giuliani would likely face stiff resistance from supermarket billionaire John Catsimatidis, who is also considering a run – and spent $ 100 million of his own money to win. Has promised to do. The Giuliani and Catsimatidis families are personally tight-lipped and the elder Giuliani has talked enthusiastically about John Catsimatidis’ possible run.

If he ultimately does not pull the trigger, Andrew Giuliani said he could only support one candidate, who called the “Giuliani Playbook” to control the city.

“It’s broken windows policing, it’s empowering the NYPD to do its job, it’s bringing the private sector and making them more accountable to create economic opportunities, it’s these low-income people in New York City Providing free markets to some of the communities: stuck on a cycle of government dependence for so long, “he said.” The focus of it all is public safety. Making sure New Yorkers feel safe And tourists come here and feel safe. ”

Andrew Giuliani, whose mother is Rudy’s second wife, former TV debutant Donna Hanover, has kept a low profile over the past two decades and may need image makeovers if she is going to rock the Big Apple. If New Yorkers miss him at all, it is likely to be less than spectacular moments – like when he sued the golf team in 2008 for acts of misconduct (the case was later dismissed).

There was also in 1994 as Rudy swore his famously unique antics at his father’s first inauguration as mayor, then 7-year-old Andrew blew his mouth with him, and kissed the crowd from the stage. The moment was memorably written by Saturday Night Live in a sketch by the late comedian Chris Farley.

He said, “I never tried to get it. I just tried to live my life. But I think I could have a chance to meet Chris Farley, ”said Andrew Giuliani, recalling the moment.

Since 2017, she has been married to real estate executive Zivil Rezte, who did so much for Dad’s happiness – he met at Yankee Stadium. There are no children yet, but Andrew says he hopes to be on the way soon.

The messy divorce between Rudy Giuliani and Hanover will also revive the possibility of a mayoral run. Mayor Giuliani announced the couple’s split during a Bryant Park news conference in May 2000 – without first informing Hanover. He took $ 6.8 million for court settlement two years later.

“I have a relationship with the two that I like,” said Andrew Giuliani, a dead ringer for his mother. “Like any family we have disagreements and my father and I are two stubborn Italians – so those disagreements can be heated – but I am very blessed to have a relationship with both of them.”