Andrew Bird Announces New Christmas Album, John Kell Said: Listen

Last year, Andrew Bird released a holiday EP Listen! He now announced a full-length Christmas album, also titled Listen! The new record includes six songs from the EP as well as seven additional tracks. New ones include John Prynne’s “Souvenir” and John Cale’s “Andalucia”. Listen to the answer given below. Full Length Listen! Is out digitally on October 30, with a vinyl version set to follow on November 13 (via Loma Vista).

Included on Listen! There is a new song called Christmas in April. In a press release, Bird explained:

There is an original tune that I wrote during the most horrific phase of the epidemic in April, when I couldn’t help but wonder how the holidays would come when we would be together or not. I am writing a lot of songs inspired by this melancholy prophecy. Hopefully they all become obsolete as soon as possible.

In Andrew Bird’s other news, the musician made his debut on FX Fargo Over the weekend, home operator Thurman Smuti in his first appearance as a funeral. He has also announced that, on October 10, he will be performing his 2005 album Andrew Bird and the mysterious production of eggs Live on sitting.

Bird’s latest studio album, My best job yet, Was released in 2019. The record earned Bird the Grammy nod for Best Folk Album.


01 Andalusia
02 alabaster
03 Greenwyn
04 christmas in april
05 Souvenirs
06 Holy Night
07 Mil Cherubini in Koro
08 night halt
09 glad
10 Christmas is coming
11 white christmas
12 skating
13 Old Lang Sinue


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