Andre Drummond Purchase: What are the Celtics’ chances of signing a great man against the competition?

A busy NBA takeover market is upon us on the heels of a very active league-wide trade deadline on Thursday. The Boston Celtics currently have no spots available on the roster after acquiring three new players, but that could quickly change in the coming days. According to various league sources, the Celtics are expected to be active in the buyout market for a grand prize with Andre Drummond as their main target. The team would likely leave Luke Kornet in the event they struck a deal with Drummond or any of the bigger names on the market.

So what exactly will the Celtics pitch be for Drummond and other big names that could make a difference in the middle? Let’s take a closer look at some of the interested suitors (Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports reports Drummond is meeting with five teams) to try to better assess the Celtics’ chances of landing a significant replacement in the middle after leaving Daniel Theis.

The New York Knicks: A fun surprise team in this year’s East playoff image has been linked to Drummond for weeks. However, there are plenty of traditional greats here who stand in Drummond’s way for an added shot, including Mitchell Robinson, Nerlens Noel, and Taj Gibson. From a talent / winner point of view, the pedigree here is also much weaker than other teams. The Knicks coaching staff could make him some promises about a starting spot and split his minutes with Robinson, particularly if they think he’s a considerable improvement over Nerlens Noel, but that’s the only way that makes sense from a point of view. suitable on a crowded front court in New York. .

LA Clippers: There is a good chance of winning with this group given how burdened they are with the veterans, but how much would Drummond be expected to play on this team? Serge Ibaka is a starting center and Ivica Zubac is a very capable substitute who plays much like Drummond as an offensive rebounding threat. If winning is your priority, competing by the minute is less of a concern, but you’d probably be fighting 20 minutes a night with Zubac, making this a questionable place if opportunity is a priority.

LA Lakers: The defending champs’ prestige is real and they will certainly seek help in the meantime after waiting for the trade deadline knowing that LeBron James (ankle) and Anthony Davis (foot) will be out for the next several weeks. However, the Lakers already have a redundant center (albeit undersized) for Drummond’s abilities in Montreal Harrell and a big stretch in Marc Gasol, who may not have much left in the tank. Would the Lakers guarantee minutes for Drummond over either of those guys? If so, this could be the opportunity for a place that is attractive to him in the short term. However, once Davis recovers, his chances of getting significant numbers would drop considerably and that’s important for him to get back into the free-agent market.

Charlotte Hornets: The central rotation that needs the most help. A double hit from Cody Zeller and Bismack Biyombo helped the surprising Hornets all year, but Drummond’s provides more scoring, size and rebounding potential, all of which could help this team stay in the playoff mix in the East through. even though LaMelo Ball is offside. a broken wrist. This is probably the best bet for Drummond if you are simply looking for the most amount of playing time, barring some guarantees from other teams on minutes.

Boston Celtics: The field here begins with the Celtics having a place at stake in the starting five after ditching Theis. Part of that reasoning was financial, but it was clear that the Celtics saw some names available that they believe could bolster the roster in the free agent market and open up opportunities help their chances of landing one of those players. Right now, Rob Williams is the only healthy center on the roster outside of newcomer Mo Wagner, so there is more than 20 minutes to take if Drummond proves worthy of him before Tristan Thompson returns to the lineup. At that point, Brad Stevens will have to make a decision on whether Drummond or Thompson are a better fit as a starter or backup, as Williams’ minutes will be a constant regardless of most nights. The Celtics have outperformed any team on this list, so Drummond could see playing in Boston as a way to improve his own actions while helping to change a team’s season with the possibility of greater potential than a place. like Charlotte or New York more talent around you (on paper).

While some of these teams may offer Drummond more money (New York, Charlotte) due to the cap space, neither will be able to keep Bird Rights on him after the season. If Drummond wants to be in a contender, he’s probably heading west, but that won’t necessarily improve his free-agent actions or guarantee a better chance if his next contract is a priority. If you want to play right away, the Celtics and Hornets are probably a better fit with Boston having the past playoff pedigree to potentially make them more attractive than Charlotte.

Either way, this is going to be a fascinating place for a veteran center who has made hundreds of millions in his career but has been gifted / bought by two bad teams in their prime. Can you make a difference while surrounded by better talent? We’ll find out in the next few days.

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