Analysts estimate the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G BoM is $ 550

Counterpoint Research has published a breakdown of the bill of materials for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, which falls under just $ 550, with the component costing around $ 468.

The rest of the money goes into assembly and testing, accessories and everything else that the phone needs before selling it. The retail price is $ 1,300 (before discounts and trade-ins).

The researchers make an interesting note – the component of the mmwave version of the phone is about 10% higher than the cost for the sub-6 model. The MmWave version is built on Qualcomm hardware, including the S865 + chipset and X55 modem.

About 40% of the money for components goes to Qualcomm with these Snapdragon-powered versions, with Samsung-made components accounting for 50% of the cost. This number rises to 70% for the Exynos model (chipset and modem are the two most expensive components).

Analysts calculate, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G BoM is $ 550Counterpoint highlights several design wins, including modules from NXP that combine UWB, secure elements, NFC and eSIM into one package. Quorro, Largan Precision and Corning also get together in one stroke.

“Samsung has done an outstanding job in designing, manufacturing and integrating many advanced technologies and components compared to the previous generation flagship model and in a very thin and light form-factor with a competitive BoM cost structure. Ethan Qi, senior analyst, says component costs have risen by $ 550, with component costs around $ 468, which is commendable for the device with a $ 1299 list. ‘

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