Analog Duo brings back TurboGrafx-16 with a vengeance

It is not so small …

Unlike most modern “mini” pack-in play consoles, the Turbograph-16 Mini has neither been impossible to find nor has it seen a huge price-drop. This is the definition of a major breakthrough, much more than the original iteration of the system that can say for itself. Due to several reasons, the system never flew outside Japan, although it is still home to one of the classics: Bonk adventure, snatcher, And Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, to name a few.

My guess is that the modern “mini” version of the console has been better so far, thanks to years of passionate word-appreciation such as the TG-16’s obsessive words such as myself. If it were up to me, it would be Bonk, not Sonic, battling Mario at the Olympics, walking around with James Marsden in the movies, and eating chili dogs in many centuries of dreams. He is my favorite 16-bit kid.

That said, the TG-16 Mini was not really the best vessel for him, and the TG-16 library, to make his comeback. This is missing a lot of classics: Bonk 3, Wallis 2, Legendary x 1 and 2, Bloody wolf, Keith Courage, And Far east of eden. Sure, you can just hack the thing to console to add ROM to those titles, but for those who want to tamper with the original software, Analog has a solution.

Today the boutique console developer announced Duo, a new emulation-free piece of hardware that runs everything from the TG-16 / PC engine family, including SuperGrax, TurboGraph CD, PC Engine CD-ROM, and Super Arcade CD- Rome is included. The console doesn’t release until next year, but you may want to sign up for the mailing list now. Probably due to issues surrounding the availability of FPGA boards, analog to console production is done in a very limited amount, so if you want in this high-energy game system, you do a better job.

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