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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet seen "If Not For Hope," the eleventh episode of season 4 of "Outlander."

The thrust of the "If Not For Hope" action, the eleventh episode of the fourth season of "Outlander" centered on Brianna (Sophie Skelton) chilling her heels at River Run after the rest of her family went out in search of Roger (Richard Rankin). Brianna was content to read and draw during the following months until her parents returned, but Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) had other ideas, namely, she needed to see Brianna married before the baby arrived.

It was obvious that Jocasta admired how much Bree is like the late Ellen Mackenzie, Jocasta's older sister and mother to Jamie (Sam Heughan), who would not be forced into a marriage of convenience or political strategy. But Jocasta could not sit down either and see Bree's girl being cataloged as a "fatherless bastard," which at the time was ruinous. So it was time to organize a dinner and get a husband for his niece!

Like the way her mother performed at various dinners throughout the show's career, Brianna was not a withered flower, but she also knew that she should not embarrbad her aunt by acting like a lady. Bree especially caught the attention of Lord Forbes (Billy Boyd), who actually seemed genuinely surprised with Bree. But Bree could find a better solution than entering into a false engagement with Forbes.


Lord John Gray (David Berry) showed up for dinner because Jamie wrote to him and asked him to take care of Brianna while they were gone. She found Bree highly fun and intelligent and also sympathetic to her situation. But when she proposed to him, he absolutely said no … so she blackmailed him. Or at least, he tried. Bree had seen Lord John having bad with another man in the middle of the night after dinner and had threatened him as a homobadual, although she said shortly afterwards that she would never have told anyone.

Lord John explained without spelling that he could not marry the daughter of the man he was in love with and she accepted that, but when it seemed that he was going to have to accept Forbes' proposal, Lord John intervened and stopped her, saying that the two They had committed. Jocasta was surprised but delighted because Lord John was definitely a bigger and better capture than Forbes.

Although it was only for one episode, Lord John and Brianna were very sweet together; It was touching how he told her that Roger will love her baby even if it is not biologically his, in the same way that John loves his son. He did not mention that his son is Bree's half-brother, that's probably Jamie's secret to tell.

Meanwhile, things were a little tense between Claire and Jamie when they went to Shadow Lake, the settlement where some Cherokees told Ian (John Bell) that they thought the Mohawk would have taken over Roger. Basically, he could not believe that she would hide secrets from her and she disapproved of the way he reacted to all the different bombs.

Later, Claire badured him that she was never really mad at him, which one, really? Not even a little? – but she told him that Brianna comes first now and that could make things difficult for them. At least it will be an adjustment because they have always been just the two of them. Jamie confessed to being jealous of Frank because Brianna thought Frank was the best man. I was not wrong Brianna was right that Frank would never have said those things to her. But Claire badured Jamie that Frank was not the best man and that it will only take time for everyone to adjust.

In a small side story that, spoiler alert, has a big reward next week, Fergus (Cesar Domboy) felt pretty bad for not being able to find work in Wilmington. Nobody would hire him because he lacked a hand. So Marsali (Lauren Lyle) took it upon herself to ask Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) to ask Fergus to fight with the Regulators, which would give him the confidence he so badly needed. Fortunately, Fergus understood that he could not abandon his wife and son to help them and rejected Murtagh, which really moved Marsali.

But what Fergus had no trouble accepting was helping find Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) so that Jamie could kill his daughter's rapist. Fergus and Murtagh found the devilish villain and were preparing to drag his unconscious body when some British soldiers saw them. Murtagh hit Fergus, pretending that Fergus was trying to stop him and blamed himself. The soldiers were glad to see that the unconscious man was none other than a fugitive from the law, but they also recognized Murtagh for his "broad blade" (also known as his wanted poster) and also put him in custody. So now Murtagh and Bonnet were taken to jail, leaving Fergus wondering what exactly he was going to do now.

And in the waning moments of the episode, there was a scene that could be disconcerting for the viewers. Roger, suddenly, magically returned with the Mohawks, although at the end of last week's episode, he was last seen reaching a standing stone after having escaped. Presumably, the Mohawks recaptured him and that scene was cut off for a while, but it would have been nice to have a little explanation here. Either way, Roger was in bad shape. The Mohawk tied him again and forced him through a sort of jump glove that left him bleeding and beaten. Again. Poor Roger.

"Outlander" airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. in Starz.

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