An outspoken leader of oaths accused of planning and disrupting coordination in US Capitol

The Justice Department accused Thomas Caldwell of conspiring to commit a crime by a 65-year-old officer from Virginia in a four-year-old paramilitary right-wing group, including conspiracy to commit a crime, obstructing an official proceeding and “violent entry or disorderly conduct.” Was. “

Caldwell conversed in a riot with a group of eight to 10 people in swearing gear, who would “move forward in an organized manner and practice fashion and force their way in front of a crowd gathered around the doors of the US Capitol , “According to a law enforcement affidavit.

Capital riot investigators narrow in on extremist groups and military-style coordination

Prosecutors also described their conversations with two other accused right-wing extremists, Jessica Watkins and Donovan Kroll, who allegedly sought to prevent Congress from certifying the presidential election and were part of the siege.

“We are concerned that some US military reservists and veterans are involved in the January 6 arrest for the attack on the US Capitol. Some right-wing extremist groups, particularly anti-government oath keepers, have a long history of recruiting current and former members. Military and law enforcement, “Oren Segal, vice-president of the Anti-Defamation League Center of Extremism, told CNN.

“The oath defenders are part of the resurgent militia movement, which believes the federal government has been co-opted by an obscure conspiracy that seeks to strip American citizens of their rights. However, the oath-keepers can be used as a member. Will accept what sets them apart. Other anti-government extremist groups present and former military, law enforcement and recruitment of first responder personnel have a clear focus on them, “he said.


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