An ode to the CBD Dabs

Every time someone is curious about trying cannabis for the first time, I do what many people consider a strange and even stupid suggestion: dabbing test.

I know, I know. Dabbing can be intimidating. In most cases, it means using a torch for essentially concentrated free base cannabis. High Times once said that the techniques involved "bear a strange resemblance to those used for harder drugs such as methamphetamine and crack," which, unfortunately, is true.

True dabbings can make you scratch too much, but you do not have to.

But listen to me! While the use of dabbing could as one of the most nefarious forms of cannabis use, it is actually much less threatening than you think. And dabbing has significant benefits over other friendly consumption methods for novices.

Especially if you start with CBD.

Dabbing can be for everyone

Dabbing is divisive. It is widely known as the "crack" of cannabis, represented as the kind of high-octane experience that drug addicts seek when smoking flower simply does not cut it. That is wrong, and ends up unnecessarily driving away more moderate consumers.

It is true that the touch can make you tear, but in no way do you have to. As with drinking, the effects of the drafts depend on what is being applied and how much is used. Starting with CBD allows you more control over your experience. Because it does not cause the intoxicating effects of THC, it will not be exploited if you use too much.

Faded CBD also offers unique advantages that make it ideal for both new consumers and experienced smokers. It is easier for your lungs to smoke, offers immediate effects than edible ones, and provides one of the best ways to appreciate the subtle flavors of each variety.

Cannabis Training Wheels

New to cannabis? Many people are frustrated by the idea of ​​literally smoking the plant. It can irritate your throat and lungs, cling to your clothes and leave your living room stinking. If you opt for a previously rolled joint, the experience may be even less pleasant, since many are made with low quality flowers or shakes.

If you intend not to smoke, the budtenders can direct you to an edible food or a vaping pen. Personally, I think these are mediocre alternatives. Foods with THC are known to be difficult to dose: almost everyone I know has a history of terror about being hit too hard by an edible, and the high can last for hours. That's not fun if you're not enjoying the trip. And if you're left alone with CBD, groceries can be disappointing. It often takes more than an hour to hit him, and because the effects of the CBD can be subtle, you may not notice much at all.

A vapeo pencil offers more comfort than the use of dabbing; It is portable, fits in a pocket and does not have any heating elements exposed that could burn it, but the experience is comparatively deficient. Many vape cartridges that I tried have a rancid, plasticized or strangely chemical taste. There are exceptions, but offering a pen to a beginning consumer is a bit like suggesting that a new beer crack opens a Bud Light.

But dabbing! Dabbing is a lovely experience. In most cases, the quality of the dabbable extracts will be much higher than that of the oil in your vaping pen, providing a more authentic and complete experience in terms of flavor and effects. And the CBD brushes offer the possibility to experiment without the THC leaving you speechless.

For bad consumers, too

If you are already a fan of flowers but have not tried deletion, and my informal survey suggests that this is actually a large group of people, it is worth starting with CBD. Many people, including myself, were introduced to the play as a way to get super, super high. Suspend that belief and try a little CBD.

If you already like rags, but have never tried a product with a high CBD content, do yourself a favor and choose one. It's a completely different experience than getting high.

For me, a regular CBD smoker with a high THC content is a welcome change of pace. THC can sometimes be a little uncomfortable for me, causing my mind to speed up or my body a little nervous. Dabbing THC is more likely to produce those effects on me, as it provides a comparatively high dose, all at once. But when I use CBD, I feel the opposite. I exhale and my whole body exhales with me. I feel more relaxed, more focused and less in the place than usual.

Where to start

The most obvious prerequisite for cleaning the CBD is a brushstroke team. They look a lot like bongs, but instead of being equipped with a bowl to contain flowers, they include a heating element (there are different types, including the so-called nails, cubes, firecrackers, etc.) that vaporizes the cannabis oil on contact. If you are using a traditional tip platform instead of an electric one, you will also need a torch to heat the nail or stroke. These usually use butane and are basically identical to the type you could buy if you were to make crème brûlée.

Leafly already has a lot of information on how to choose the right equipment for you. They are not always cheap, so you may want to borrow a friend's platform at the beginning. You could also ask that friend to help you show you how the torch works, since that can be the most intimidating part of the cleanup.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you will need a high quality soluble concentrate. Keep in mind that not all concentrates are intended for dabbing. (RSO, for example, is not intended for dabbing.) If you are not sure, ask your budtender.

Some extracts with high CBD content also contain a significant amount of THC. I recommend starting with extracts that contain only a tiny bit of THC. That way you're unlikely to overdo it. One of my preferred strains of high CBD content is ACDC, which has a CBD to THC ratio of about 20: 1. If you decide you want to feel a higher characteristic badociated with THC, you can choose an extract with a higher proportion of CBD.

What to Expect

Dabbing is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD, which most people describe as soothing and stress-reducing. Others say it can fight nausea. Many find that it helps them sleep, although I personally find that this is less because the CBD makes me sleepy and more because it seems to alleviate my nighttime anxiety.

There are all kinds of other medical benefits around the CBD that are currently being investigated. . Last month, the FDA caused a sensation when it approved the first cannabis-derived pharmaceutical product, a purified CBD oil used to treat epilepsy. Other possible uses of the cannabinoid include the treatment of chronic pain or autism, the prevention of brain diseases in the elderly, and even protection against certain cancers.

I'm not a medical marijuana patient. I do not use CBD to treat anything serious. Hell, dabbing is not even my preferred method of consumption. It is much more likely to roll a flower with high THC content and smoke it.

But I'll never get rid of my brushstroke team, and the CBD is the reason why

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