An item found in an officer’s Starbucks coffee was not a tampon, LA investigators say

Based on the evidence, investigators concluded that the item was likely a cleaning cloth commonly used by store employees, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, which investigated the case.

“The investigation was unable to prove malicious intent on the part of the store employee,” he said on Tuesday.

On June 19, an unnamed Los Angeles Police Department official said they found the item inside a drink purchased at a Starbucks inside a target store at the Diamond Bar, about 30 miles from Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old said he used a credit card that had “important features”, meaning he was a police officer to buy drinks. Reportedly, he went to the bathroom while the drink was being prepared and was almost done.

Once he started drinking drinks in the vehicle, he tasted the “sweet cloth substance” inside his mouth. The report states that he stopped drinking it, opened it and recorded “a tubular … shaped object that was inside his drink,” he said. At the time, the officer said that what he believed to be a tampon was “deliberately” placed in his drink because he was a police officer.

Target immediately issued a statement and shared surveillance camera footage with officers. Soon after the incident, he said, “We take this charge seriously. We have reviewed the video footage and found no suspicious behavior.”

Starbucks was a target, and its workers are employees of the retail chain. Starbucks postponed all comments on the latest development for Target.

“It happened at a licensed Starbucks store inside a target, so they will investigate. They should have more background,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Wednesday night.

CNN target has been reached.

Three New York City police officers said the incident occurred when they felt ill after drinking alcohol from Shake Shack restaurant in Manhattan. Local police unions, seeking action, said the officers were poisoned intentionally.

Investigators determined that a cleaning solution used to clean the milkshake machines had not been thoroughly cleaned and could be found in the officers’ drinks. The New York Police Department found no wrongdoing by Shake Shack employees.


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