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An imminent demon can cry 5 reveal is increasingly likely

  An imminent demon can cry 5 Reveal is looking for more and more available items Devil May Cry V Devil May Cry HD Collection Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry

Is this a coincidence or an indicator of what is to come ?

is the question that many fans of Devil May Cry are making after Capcom's recent announcement of Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection takes Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 puts them all on a disc so that fans no longer can play them no longer have a PlayStation 2 or those who simply have not played any of the previous games, can reconnect with the franchise that started the subgenre "Extreme Combat". It's an easy way for Capcom to take advantage of one of its most popular franchises without making a new title and it's something he already did on the PlayStation 3, making it the second time that a collection of this type is released.

However, the moment this time could not be more suspicious.

Rumors have been circulating about Devil May Cry 5 for quite some time and things reached a high point recently when detailed rumors about the alleged game surfaced. Among many other things, the filtration suggested that Nero, Dante and Vergil will be able to play, there will be more interactivity with the environment, it will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 when it is published in fiscal year 2019 before it reaches more late. in the PC.

In general, rumors like this should be taken with a grain of salt; and this instance was particularly noteworthy because the OP had agreed to take a permanent ban if it turned out to be a hoax.

However, many things pointed towards an eventual Devil May Cry 5 long before that date.

The strongest indicators came from Hideaki Itsuno, director of the series Devil May Cry of 2 onwards, who tweeted at the end of 2016: " Happy New Year! I'm trying to announce a new game this year, thank you. "This was followed by a tweet several months later when he apologized for not showing up at E3 2017 and provided a status update on his mysterious project, saying that he was "progressing smoothly" and that he "looked forward" to the announcement. "

Outside of those tweets, there were also several little things that pointed towards DMC 5 as a special reward that wins by being Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition at the greatest difficulty. ..

 An imminent devil can cry 5 Reveal is looking for increasingly likely items Devil May Cry V Devil May Cry HD Collection Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry

Or when Johnny A Yong Bosch (Nero's VA) was asked about Devil May Cry 5 at MCM Comic-Con 2017, and instead of responding directly, he put his tongue physically on his cheek and looked away. direct confession, but it is interesting that he made such a gesture instead of making a verbal statement.

Assuming that these indicators point to Devil May Cry 5 being really a thing, the only question at this point would be c When will it really be revealed?

And the answer to that question would be "Very soon."

This is a great week for the video game industry, since the Video Game Awards are tonight and PlayStation Experience is ending the weekend. Both are likely times for Devil May Cry 5 to be unveiled, since supposedly there will be big surprises during both.

As far as VGAs are concerned, executive producer Geoff Keighly has suggested that there will be big surprises stored from the date of the event and he recently threw oil into the fire when he told a user in ResetEra to wait for the VGAs when he questioned the notion of DMC 5 is revealed there instead of at E3 2018.

Meanwhile, as exclusive to PlayStation 4, reveal Devil May Cry 5 during PlayStation Experience 2017 would be a great way for both Sony and Capcom to finish the year. In addition, PSX is a particularly important event for Capcom as it has the Capcom Cup tournament for Street Fighter 5 and the Battle for the Stones tournament for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite there. In fact, Capcom has shown that it is willing to make great revelations during PSX as well, since that was where the first trailer for MvC: I was presented almost a year ago.

The conclusion is that with all the language pertaining to Devil May Cry 5 and the promise of big surprises in recent weeks, the fact that Capcom chose to reveal an HD Collection for Devil May Cry 5 is very suspicious. I say that the game could be revealed "very soon", but if things work as things suggest, that revelation could happen as soon as tonight. Pay attention.

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